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PA plays songs backwards

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I've used Poweramp for a few years. I absolutely love the sound the app provides. I've never had a single issue. It's been the best few bucks I've ever spent. 

Ok I have bought the app. I am not using anything to get the app for free. I bought it through Google Play. I am on 2.0.10-build-588-play


When i open a song, any song from about 5000 songs on my phone, Poweramp plays the song backwards then goes to the song listed before it. If I let it continue, it will go to the very first song then just keep giving a message on my phone that it's at the start of listings or something like that. Main issue is it plays backwards. Say I have 10 songs on my phone and I want to hear #10. It starts at the end of 10, plays it backwards, then goes to the end of 9, plays it backwards, to the end of 8, plays it backwards until it gets to song 1. It will play song 1 backwards then give a message on my phone letting me know it's at the end of the list. 


I've never experienced this before. Can anyone please help me. This is the only music player on my device. The ROM I use didn't have a stock player. And no I haven't had any changes to my system in almost a year. The only app I've downloaded recently was clash of clans. I tried uninstalling it and have the same issue. I've used it with clash on my phone many times before. There have been no system modifications in the least. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also i can screen record my device. If you need to see the issue, I can upload it to YouTube and post the link in a response.


*edit forgot to mention that when it is playing backwards, it doesn't play at regular speed. It plays backwards fast

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