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PowerAMP for Google TV/Blu Ray/Set-top box devices?


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Are there any plans to make optimizations of Poweramp for set-top box devices that run Android such as the Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player

http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/sto ... 00#gallery

Actually from a movie watching standpoint, I have a backup of most of my music collection (mp3's and FLAC's) and most of my hi-def movie collection (mkv's) as a DVD and Blu-ray BD-re back ups. I never intended upon copying the files from the disk back to a USB HDD device again just to enjoy them on TV and I never was too keen on streaming my content to my hd TV either.

I always hoped that an Android enabled Blu-ray player would come to existence and alongside the right features such as multiple codec support, internet support and USB OTG support with necessary API's/GPU for app dev's - such device could be the ULTIMATE living-room media center device. I always hoped Samsung or LG would bring abouit such device first, but it looks like it is ever closer with Sony's NSZ-GT1.

Right, excuse that epic babble. Does Poweramp have any future on these devices? Would it be as simple as Poweramp's skins having to support larger screen res (1920x1080 or higher)

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Thanks for the link. PowerAMP currently allows any screen size/resolution in it's application manifest, but of course, it will look overscaled in some places and too tiny in other places on large display. Also, it depends if Google+Sony will allow phone Market apps on tv at all (as I understant, they don't do that yet).

There are plans to add optimized skins for honeycomb and these layouts actually can work for tv larger displays.


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