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EQ for album, artist, etc.


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I really like the ability to set a given EQ preset to any song. However, it would be really nice to extend this feature so I can set an EQ for all songs by a single artist, on an album, in a genre, etc. Is there any chance of this being implemented?

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Thanks for the request.

I'm thinking about adding this feature. The only thing which is very important here is nice and simple UI (as such advanced preset assignment requires some complicated UI).

Also, there are 2 options:

- assign eq to all songs in given category (album/artist/playlist etc.). This way the song gets assignment, not the category. I.e. if song S is in album A, if you assign preset to album A, S gets assignment which is used even if you play song S from playlist P.

- assign eq to category. This way, if song S is played from album A, it will gets the preset, but if song S is played from playlist P and P has own preset assignment - the later will be used (or no preset will be set at all).


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