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awesome, that's great news, but i have one question as far as playlists are concerned. how do they work? does a playlist search for certain files by id3 tags, or filename or something? or is it all relative folder location. because i don't use the same folder hierarchy on my computer than i do on my phone.

another thing that might be cool that would give me the functionality i'd like would be a stream by wi-fi option. you'd need a computer side server application, but there are some out there for remotes, and wifi would be great for bandwidth and distance connectivity for playing your playlist through your computer. i'm not sure how easy it would be to make a server that will stream music from the phone directly, or if it is even possible for that matter, but it would be cool.

i know bluetooth can do that, but bluetooth kind of sucks, and even newer computers usually don't come with that. i'm actually not sure how that would work, never used bluetooth on a computer before. i also know there are bluetooth adapters you can plug into your stereo system, but again, bluetooth kind of sucks, never been fully happy with it. but wi-fi on the other hand is luxuriously awesome. you just need a serverside app. i've not seen wi-fi used to stream this way though, maybe the processing needs to be done by the computer, which means making a whole media player for computer, which basically sinks that option completely.

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What keeps me from buying Poweramp after evaluation is only the following:

  • [*:3g7h571p]Missing playlist export feature and also
    [*:3g7h571p]"Recently added" playlist (or 2 playlists, for folders and library, I wouldn't mind)

Is there anything like a Poweramp Bugzilla in order to track progress?

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Not sure about missing playlist export, there will be just a playlist import/export to m3u/m3u8/pls/wpl/papl formats, also recognized playlists will be just immediately available in PowerAMP playlists list - and changes to these playlists are synced back to the underlying m3u/etc. file.

Recently added/most played/top rated lists are also planned for PowerAMP v2.0.

Also, PowerAMP v2.0 doesn't have folder and library playlists anymore, it's just Playlists (as library is now custom implementation, not separate Android stock library).

PowerAMP public 2.0 TODO list is here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172


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I have spent hours adding all my music in Poweramp (30G) into playlists.

I would love to be able to export these playlists to my PC and/or Windows Media Player and PS3.

Has this feature been added yet?

If so, how do I export my playlist?

I would also love to be able to stream my music and/or playlists from my android via Poweramp to my PS3 and/or other devics.

Can this feature please be added?

I have installed BubleUPnP to do this which works great but I woulad rather to be able to stream my music from within Poweramp an have access to my playlists?

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