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  1. My strong support for this request here as well.
  2. Please set up a manual so I can read more about the folder vs. library modes. This is a confusing feature for me.
  3. Currently, the music folders can be selected only within the first level of folders in "/mnt/sdcard". Being able to choose within the sub-folders would be very helpful. Use case: ringtones and music stored inside sub-folders "ringtones" and "music" under a main folder "sound" on SDcard. Since only "sound" is selectable, also ringtones are indexed in the player which is a behaviour I don't want.
  4. Include a setting that lets you turn off either folder or library mode. With both modes enabled, I get a little confused sometimes, especially if I hit the wrong button ("folders" instead of "library") when DJ-ing.
  5. What keeps me from buying Poweramp after evaluation is only the following: [*:3g7h571p]Missing playlist export feature and also [*:3g7h571p]"Recently added" playlist (or 2 playlists, for folders and library, I wouldn't mind) Is there anything like a Poweramp Bugzilla in order to track progress?
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