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  1. how many more years max? tired of waiting this future request😭😭
  2. What the best crossfade length MS?
  3. +1 Poweramp version 4 with now playing + sync LRC😀😀
  4. Hi max please add hide option for this.
  5. I got my update now on play. Now i know. Thankssss👍😀
  6. Yes sir already activate may beta. And still no update for now. BTW thans for your tips. Im still waiting for GPS update.
  7. Yes sir. Music file and lrc same folder. Its nice to see lrc sync on Poweramp.
  8. Hi max why version still build923 in my account? But the latest beta 925.
  9. I got 1285 lrc file in my music folder and useless for lrc sync😭😭
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