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  1. Thank you dev(s) for the new build with multiple artist functionality. Couple things to address: How do we define a null character as the separator? Mp3tag converts "\\" to null character from my understanding, which is the spec for the delimiter in id3v2.4. I suspect Mp3tag encodes null for id3v2.3 as well even though it would be out of spec (possibly because id3v2.3 doesn't support multiple artists, but encodes it anyway hoping the player supports it). Right now anything I encoded with "\\" in Mp3tag doesn't show up properly in Poweramp. Another issue is if we want to use " / " as the separator (note the spaces before and after the forward-slash as in the foobar2000 standard). Poweramp removes the spaces when I try to add it so " / " becomes "/". Technically "/" does work as the seperator, but we would have to use the whitelist in cases such as AC/DC (which already is entered by default, very nice). Edit: I forgot to mention that I also tested ";" which works perfectly. The above 2 separators are the ones I have problems with at the moment.
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