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  1. @maxmp

    2 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @QuantumZazzy I will test the scenario as soon as OTA OneUI3.0 reaches my Note20, but for now you may try to keep DVC and just use Preamp in Poweramp to reduce its volume. 

    Edit: I tested Sound assistant on OneUI3.0 and it works the same way as previously. Individual app volume won't work with DVC - as app has no idea what is the individual app volume - it's not exposed by any standard or Samsung APIs.

    Ok so I have OneUI3.0 on my S20 Ultra and it might be an issue with permissions etc. Because I swear that SoundAssistant worked previously for me with DVC, but with Android 11 they have screwed things up, however since other people were experiencing problems with this before Android 11, I very well could be wrong. Plus they locked the damn Android/data folder.

    Well, I hope you can find a fix soon or a potentially new feature to let us control the volume of the app in itself seperate from the system control.

    Thank you maxmp for the reply, your app is still incredible.

    Edit: the preamp idea is actually a very good one, thank you! I could even use the equalizer to turn it down as well. Don't know why I never thought of that lol

  2. Now, I could be wrong about this but prior to upgrading to Android 11, DVC actually worked for me with the individual volume control that Samsung's SoundAssistant had for multiple apps. (take this with a grain of salt though because I could be incorrect however)

    DVC is absolutely crucial for me due to how it impressively improves my Dynamic range, as stated in the settings and I just can't go without it now. 

    The difference for me is drastic.

    But...I love to play games on my phone and listen to tunes, and I will turn down the volume seperately for Poweramp and keep the game I am playing at the system-wide volume very very often.

    Is there any way there could be a fix to this? As when I use SoundAssistant to change the Poweramp's app-specific volume it works for about 2 seconds then returns to the system-wide volume.

    Thank you for reading this, if any of you know any information as to why this is, or isn't possible, please let me know.



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