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  1. I just found out by trial and error that Poweramp 941-945 does not read RG tags track gain when they are in UPPERCASE letters, Poweramp 941-945 only understands lower-case ReplayGain tags as confirmed by other users I re-tagged my files in lowercase, did a full rescan and now the tags are read correctly. At last, I get consistent device presets and loudness levels.
  2. @andrewilley I read the issue was fixed so I updated to build 971-976. I'm still experiencing issues with preset selections when switching devices. The correct preset is applied around 5 or 6 times out of 10 attempts. Additionally, I'm encountering random volume changes; for instance, when switching between headphones and car speakers, the volume sometimes changes unexpectedly. This occurs about 1 in 10 times and is quite disruptive. Given the intermittent nature of the problem and the amount of time that has passed, I've decided to revert to using version 941-945. However, in this version, there's another issue where Replay Gain tags aren't read correctly when I add new files to my phone. I often have to re-tag, rename folders, rescan, and restart the app before it works as expected. This issue isn't present in the latest versions (971-976). So, I have to choose between reliable EQ presets and consistent Replay Gain tag readings.
  3. You could export all your settings, downgrade to 941-945 which does not have that issue, import your settings back and you can wait for as long as it takes.
  4. Thanks, great assistance as always guys. It is very appreciated.
  5. @andrewilley Has the presets not sticking to BT devices issue been acknowledged as a bug? Just curious, I downgraded to build 941-945 where it does not happen and I can use it for as long as it takes.
  6. One more thing, nothing major but here you have it. When exporting my settings, PA shows an absurd number of presets.
  7. @andrewilley No other BT devices, if the car is off only the BT headphones are paired. However, I went ahead and downgraded to 941-945 and I confirm everything works fine again with that build. The correct preset is always picked. Re-updated to 961-967 to give you an answer. This is the audio output when I resume the music playback on the headphones: And this is the list of Bluetooth devices currently active (only the headphones) Poweramp thinks I am not using the headphones anymore, despite them being connected and music playing through. The only way to have the headphones as the audio output again is to disconnect and reconnect them. At that point, the correct preset is picked.
  8. I can consistently reproduce this issue with the presets not being applied to the connected BT device, but a default one with overpowered bass is applied instead. 1 - I connect my BT headphones (Q20) and their preset is correctly applied I start my car, the car Bluetooth takes over and the car preset (Toyota) is correctly applied. My headphones are still on and in my ears. At this point, I turn my car off, the headphones Bluetooth takes over, and their preset SEEMS to be applied back, but after a few seconds, it is switched to a default one instead. If I tap on the "Preset" button, I get this: which explains why I was having an overpowered bass when switching devices. Mind my headphones are still connected and I just need to press play to resume the music I tried to delete that default preset (I never created it myself I am sure) but the delete icon is greyed out.... So I set it to a flat EQ not to blow my ears at least, but still, that gets applied all the time. It never happened before the update. Do I need to downgrade to the previous version? Thanks for your help
  9. Since this update, my EQ presets are not always applied to the assigned Bluetooth device. I tried to re-save and re-assign all of them to their respective devices, but randomly I noticed they were not picked. Right after the update, none of them worked and I got a random preset instead with the bass over the top, I thought I had broken my headphones. Re-assigning them worked to avoid this, however, I still need to check each time I switch devices as it is not as reliable as it was before. Not sure this was mentioned before, I have not read the whole thread.
  10. @hellajoey Another option would be to create a playlist per genre instead of queues, which is pretty much what I am doing. I have a Dream Theater playlist with their whole discography and when I pick it and tap Shuffle (or Play), it will only play Dream Theater. I have the repeat option set to repeat category (jump to the first song in the same category) and so far no weird jumps to another artist or genre. I have also hidden the Shuffle and Repeat icons from the player UI so I do not accidentally tap on them. I learned to ignore the toast notification "Shuffle songs and categories" that was confusing me at the beginning.
  11. @andrewilley Does the List Memory override the No Reshuffle option or is it not affected? I mean, with both No Reshuffle and List Position on, will I be listening to the same sequence until there are no tracks left, no matter how many times I pause/resume?
  12. @mOuStAcHe_BR Hi, if you are still having the issue, you need an app like Tasker to stop the playback. Disabling the button controls in Poweramp works in some cars, but then you lose the media keys on your steering wheel for example (next/prev) or the touch display so not the best solution. To get the best of both worlds, an app like Tasker can intercept the play media request from the car. I followed this video a few hours ago and it worked. I struggled with this issue for a long time as well. @andrewilley I wonder if the Tasker approach can be implemented in Poweramp directly so we will not need a third-party app. Anyway, it works, so it is just a "could be nice to have" thing.
  13. Thanks for the detailed answer. That seems to work, I just need to ignore the notification and the icon. However, it happened a few times but I still do not have the exact step to reproduce it, I got random songs from another playlist being picked. What could cause this? Sometimes I delete a song (and its file) from a playlist while listening to it, could that somehow affect the playing queue? Or pausing and resuming playback across Bluetooth devices? I usually resume by opening the player UI and tapping on the play button. it's a mystery, I'll try to pay more attention and I'll report back.
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