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  1. It would be great to have an option to select a no pause feature so the music would not be interrupted. I have tried a couple older apps but they do not seem to work with newer versions of Android. It is annoying to have the music playing in the house and have it pause now and then.
  2. Does anyone know of a Android TV box that actually has Voice Assist that works with Power Amp? I am in the market for a new one
  3. It would be great to have an app that can remotely operate Poweramp from a second Android device. Something along the line of Gizmo or MonkeyMote but controlling Poweramp running on an Android TV box for instance from your Android phone. Tablet Remote app actually can control Poweramp now and also suppose to let you change playlists. It would be better to have the function to select albums or artists to play. This would turn this setup into a high end media music player for a home audio setup. I use APE which is lossless and have several hundred CD's ripped.
  4. I am on the road at the moment and will look into getting Google Assistant on my Android 8.0 box. It seems like it should be possible.
  5. I have Poweramp running really well on my new A95X MAX Android TV box running 8.1 but would like to see if I can get voice commands to work. Currently the box does not support voice control out of the box but I have seen some apps like Utter that might work. I think there are other apps as well? What would you suggest is my best solution to try and get the most functional voice control for the latest Poweramp?
  6. Thanks.... that worked pretty well.... I would have preferred to keep using the Poweramp v3 skin blue dark for its buttons but could not get the same results (no transparency options).
  7. How do you stop visualizations from auto rotating between them.
  8. I really like the look of this. Too bad it is a Living Wallpaper app and not a Poweramp plugin. I would pay for that. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyphercove.audioglow
  9. Anyone have some suggestions to try out that look good on landscape? I am running Poweramp on an Android TV box and although it looks nice stock I would be interested in seeing what else is out there.
  10. Any chance someone has done a 'color organ' visualization for Poweramp. I am old enough not only to know what they are but I used to build and sell them back in the 70's. It would so cool on my 4K set while I am listening to some classic rock. That visualization I would pay for in a heart beat. Here is a video of the one I built when I retired.
  11. Well I found an app that almost does what I want. I can control Poweramp transport controls but it says that it can't find albums remotely from Poweramp but it lists some other players. Any chance you guys could look into what it would take to get this to work? I think this would be a huge advantage for Poweramp users. Phone to Tablet Remote https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fk33.remote&hl=en_US&rdid=fk33.remote
  12. Do these work with the new dev versions of Poweramp V3 (Poweramp-v3-build-838-uni.apk)?
  13. Ok.... going to purchase this. One quick question. Does the V3 skins and visualization addons work for the new builds?
  14. I look forward to the 838 version. I installed the apk you sent me (Poweramp-v3-build-836-uni.apk) on my Asus Zenpad tablet and I like what I see so far. I am hoping to use this on my new A95X Android TV box that has a built in 500GB hard drive. I have all my APE files loaded on it and will do some testing using a WIFI mouse and keyboard for now. I would like to see the option to restrict the library folder location to a selected choice. Also I like hitting the album cover and have it go to the track list. I would be nice to be able to tap the narrow album cover when in that track list scr
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