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  1. In fact, build 815 solved the issue for me too. Maybe it has sth to do with the newly introduced DVC options to handle absolute volumes?
  2. Unfortunately, the issue still persists with the newest build v836. If I delete Poweramp's config files with the settings app and restart it, it works for the current connection, but after I try to connect again later, it won't. Please note, if VLC for Android is used for example (and Poweramp removed from my BQ Aquaris X2), the connection works perfectly.
  3. Same issue with the BQ Aquaris X2 and Mazda Connect. The Bluetooth connection is established and then immediately interrupted, resulting in another try to connect, which fails again. My Aquaris is running the latest Android 9, kernel version 4.4.153-perf+, build 2.0.2-20190519-1443. Here's Poweramp's log on the last processed Bluetooth commands: Many thanks in advance!
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