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  1. When setting the audio output to Hi Res(24/192), there is no sound coming from the headphones. When I restart the app, it sets the Hi Res output to 16/48. Please Help! I'm using Poco F1 running On Resurrection Remix OS with Android Pie
  2. Thank you all for your support!! Hi Res Audio Works on Poco F1 with Resurrection Remix OS! And the audio quality is a heck lot better than stock.
  3. I disabled DVC from the settings, but still, it won't go above 16/48. Im on MIUI 10 9.6.27 Beta. Will changing my Rom make a difference? As @Egni123 said, SD845 is capable of outputting 32/384, then why aint Poco able to do it? Does it not have a Hi Res DAC?
  4. Shouldn't SD845 have an inbuilt 24 bit DAC? Or is it a MIUI problem?
  5. Many people having Poco F1 have the option of playing 24/192 with Poweramp
  6. @maxmp Even though poco shows Hi Res audio for Wired Headphones/AUX, the max sample bit rate and frequency are locked at 16 Bit/48 kHz. Im using the latest version of v3 Poweramp build and im on MIUI Is there any way to fix this? Please Help!
  7. @maxmp Hi Res Audio on Poco f1 is not working. The selected and the used sample rate are different. The actual sample rate is locked at 48 KHz and the sample format is locked at 16 bits. Im using the latest v3 build and Im on MIUI10.3.4.0. Please Help!
  8. Hey @Reborn.N! Does 24bit /192kHZ option still show up after miui update It doesn't for me.
  9. @FewPhone Maybe downgrading miui version will help? Factory Reset will set it to Miui 9.
  10. @maxmp Im also having the same issue as @FewPhone Im using the latest v3 build. It says selected: 192 kHz, but using 48kHz. Can this issue be solved? Im using miui 10.3.4 stable global rom.
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