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  1. idk... but it is supposed that Poweramp bypass Miui audio system. Actually, if you set HD output, MIUI audio settings -like headphones equalization- is bypassed.
  2. Have you updated to Mine has never played HD again.
  3. It looks it can. https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-845-mobile-platform
  4. Thank you for supporting me. I was starting to think I was fool. Now, I'm also using Miui and I can confirm the issue persist.
  5. @maxmp The firmware is exactly the same as yours. Everything is exactly the same but the internal storage available. My POCO is non root, just updated as I bought it. And, as I said, I could listen actual HD audio with it a weeks ago. Since then... I think I haven't installed any soft or tweak. Even more, I don't like equalizers. I have "mi sound enhancer" disabled, JIC. I have no audio software installed. Just apps like whatsapp, linkedin, dropbox, netflix... nothing specially related with audio or any tweak, in general. Is there any way to check if any app is messing with the audio, like doing a bypass or something like that? This is a 24/96 track. I heard it in the past at 24/96, or resampled to 192 or 384 without any issue. And it was actually 192 or 384. But now, as you see, it says 16/48... And I have just reset the audio output setting (once again) and then, I have chosen HD output for the headphones. Maybe it's a stupid question and I should have asked this before: does it matter if I play the music from the SD card instead of the internal memory? Edit: just tried. Same issue.
  6. @maxmp Any suggest? Do you need more info?
  7. Thanks for your answer. My phone is in Spanish, so maybe i'm not translating correctly what it's written in the menus: Audio engine>output>reset default Audio engine>output>high resolution output>reset default Audio engine>output>high resolution output>gear icon on headphones/aux>reset default then, turn on hi res output switch for the wired headphones. Problem persist: selected 192 kHz, using 48 kHz. As I said, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled again, different versions, not importing the config file, and the problem was not solved. I always use wired headphones (mi hybrid). Only once I used bluetooth in a car. Never USB dac. AFAIK, it is using DVC, as the option "without DVC" is disabled by default and I keep it disabled. Anyway, I have restored defaults... I tried changing the phone region from Spain to Taiwan (JIC it is related with EU volume limit) but not solved. Anyway, I knew it wasn't the reason, because I tested that when it still worked properly. For sure, I have rebooted the phone many times Do you need more info? Just tell me and I will try, but I'm not root. Edit: I have exported current setting, delete all data, open the app again, and the problem persists. But now I have lost the backup (as I should have expected...🤦‍♂️)
  8. Still working after Android security patch 1.feb.2019?? What is your rom? Stock MIUI?
  9. Hi. I have a Pocophone F1, fully stock ROM, Miui version A few weeks ago (one month?), I bought Poweramp after testing it, and I found it could play HD audio in my phone. It supported 44.1, 48, 96, 192 and I'm not sure if it could play at 384kHz. Of course, when selecting that frequencies, the actual frequency was the choosed one. And choosing others, like 176,4 kHz were not working and I got no sound. But recently I found that it doesn't matter what frequency do I choose, I always get sound, and it says it's actually reproducing 16/48. I've tried deleting the app and preferences and installing release 820, 815, and the current 823 and always same result. Do anyone know if it's a Poweramp bug or if it's something Miui related?
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