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  1. After my (Motorola Moto-Z3 - Verizon) smartphone upgrade to Android version 9 (Pie), the Bluetooth function is now unstable when connecting the phone using Poweramp (v3-build826) to my vehicle running Ford Sync 3 (ver 3.0). This is a direct Bluetooth connection, not using the Android Auto function. This specific combination (of Android versions, Poweramp & Ford Sync) worked fine before with Android v8.1 running but now fails after an upgrade to Android v9.0 around 04/23/19. Other Music Players installed on the smartphone work fine and do not have the same Bluetooth connection issues with Ford Sync 3. Also, my other Bluetooth connected devices (Speakers, phones, PC, etc) work fine with Poweramp v3-build826 on the Phone running Android 9.0. Any thoughts?
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