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  1. Thanks for your response. I did not know whether it was allowed/approved here to post reference to developer/skin. Developer is scapemode, skin in question is called 'MENTALIST Poweramp skin V2' but could ref. any of their skins. They have 80+ skins at Google Play and seem professional to me. That is why this whole matter seems so strange.
  2. On the same topic, I just contacted a third party PA skin developer (not sure if I am allowed to name them here, but I have the info if you wish) who had great/intricate PA v2 skins imo, asking if they had plans to make similar PA v3 skins, and here is a quote from their long answer by email: @maxmp Hello.. we've tried everything for months and really done our best but Poweramp does not give us a template to work with, so it's impossible to update the skins. We have written to Poweramp several times and have asked them why they are not helping us, unfortunately Poweramp got only one answer with a link leading to a page where you get an unacceptable template for creating and updating the skins for V3 We've been dealing with it for almost 6 months now and we're starting to feel like they no longer want us to design or update skins for Poweramp. That's why we get bad reviews and our revenues are getting less. Believe me, it's not up to us, we'd like to update the skins. We do not understand why Poweramp does that, maybe they want to design their own skins. We have been creating Poweramp skins for almost 8 years and find it very sad that they want to end this way. We also know that Poweramp has benefited greatly from our designs, so we do not understand that Although it is not our fault, I apologize for the inconvenience If you want to complain, please contact Poweramp Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Max. I will keep an eye on battery usage when I have heavier use of Poweramp (f.ex. very long listening session many hours one day).
  4. Glad to help. No, it did not help with the battery issue, but it did 'solve' the 'kill Poweramp' issue for me at least and that was more imperative on my phone while it lasted. The battery issue (drainage and hot phone) seems more complex, as these threads and multiple posts show, hopefully it will be resolved in due course.
  5. I had the same problem with my Galaxy Note 9 a week or so ago as well, Poweramp was killed midplay with that error-message, happened several times. I went into the app settings for Poweramp on my phone and changed 'change system settings' from 'off' (which was default) to 'on' (give permission). I haven't had the error-message since. I don't know if this is a fix or not but it worked for me so I thought I'd mention it since my phone is similar to yours. Let me add that I too experience the 'high battery consumption-hot phone' issue that many other Samsung owners here have mentioned. I don't use my phone as heavily as many others so it isn't a big issue for me but thought I could mention it. My phone also warns me that 'Poweramp is using much battery in the background' and says to put it into hibernation/sleep mode. I have tried doing a clean install but it hasn't helped. I never have 'Always On Display' on. I have no battery stats screenshots, others with heavier use of the phone (=more affected) will probably better be able to document the issues, but thought I'd pitch in.
  6. Thanks for the update, Max!
  7. Thanks for swift the reply. I checked the two song files once more, in more detail using Mp3tag this time to see if there were any differences at all between the song files other than song title. As mentioned, album and artist were identical but I now saw that one of the tracks had additional ID-track info in the Year, Track, Genre section. The other track did not have info in that section. To test if this could have anything to do with the aforementioned problem, I edited the music file with the added info (in the Year, Track, Genre section) and deleted that info so that both music files now were 100% identical apart from song title. I removed the previous songs from my phone and copied these edited song files to the phone. I did not really have much hope tbh, since I have not read that having f.ex Year of track, Genre of track in the ID-tag on one track but not on the other should influence PA in this regard (only that track artist and track album title should be the same), but it actually worked on my phone! Now both songs are on the one album as they are supposed to be, see screenshots below. I tested it on a second similar case just now, edited the additional tags (Year, Track, Genre ) on one of the tracks and it worked there too. Does this mean that all parts of the ID-tags on MP3s f.ex. should be identical for PA to place all songs with same album title and artist on the same album? Or some kind of sensitivity or glitch on some units/phones perhaps? For whatever reason, I am very glad it works for me now.
  8. I am having this same problem. PA splits some of my albums into separate identical albums. The name of artist and name of album is the exact same (ID-tags) for f.ex. 2 songs in this case, see screenshots below. Only difference is the song title. These two songs should be on the same one album, not on two identical ones. I have checked the settings as Max has advised and the 'Join Albums' setting is enabled in my PA. I am not using 'Albums by Artist' in my ID-tags btw, just 'Album' with name of album. Any suggestions? Do I need to change some other settings?
  9. If I am not mistaken, this sounds like the matter I brought up some time ago in another thread, Max gave the following reply: Settings / Audio / Output / <Active output> / Speaker / No Equ/Tone (switch OFF).
  10. Thanx for the reply and for clarifying, it was a setting I had missed, problem solved @maxmp
  11. Does anyone know if this issue is among those fixed/resolved in the bug-fixes in PA builds 824-826? I am still using PA build 823, where this issue is present on my phone, waiting for a stable new PA build to be posted at Google Play.
  12. additional question resolved, please delete post
  13. I have this same problem, so I will add my post here (I found this thread using the search-function) instead of making a new one. My Samsung phone plays (for some reason) songs slightly too fast in my view, so I tried to change the Tempo-setting to 0.97 (slightly slower) but then the sound becomes somewhat distorted / slightly 'twisted'. I tested the other way as well, changing the setting to 1.05 (slightly faster) but with the same results. Is there some other setting that needs 'tweaked' on Poweramp / my phone for this to work properly do you know, or is this a possible 'bug'?
  14. Thanx, Max both for your quick reply on this matter and for your hard work and efforts with Poweramp!
  15. I had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 when I was upgraded from Android 8 to 9 (Pie). Volume much lower than before. It helped somewhat when I disabled DVC but then the sound got a bit distorted when playing at higher levels. I tried a bit back and forth and finally decided to turn DVC back on again and try to turn the mobile's output up higher. This worked better, and after a recent Samsung program update (no idea what was changed) in the last few days, the sound is almost back to its best. I still need to have the general audio output on the device higher than normal, but no more sound distortion and I am happy overall. Hope it will work out for others with similar problems too.
  16. Does anyone know if this, if it is in the works, will be a general zoom-setting option that will apply to all songs played?
  17. Hi there, am a new registered user having lurked for several years having used Poweramp some years. Just wanted to inform that I too am having the same problem, tested it just now today. The loudspeaker preset turns EQU and TONE off by itself and needs to be manually turned on every time I want to play music on the loudspeaker. Headphones does not have the same problem, EQ and TONE are default enabled there in my experience. Hope this is something that you, @maxmp are able to fix in a future update. Thanks. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Android 9 (Pie), using Poweramp v3 build 823 full version
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