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  1. Yeah I was reading that. Dumb af.
  2. That's where it has been stored since wAAAAAAAAY back. I just moved it to the root of the SD card and it's all there.
  3. Did this. Still nothing. It can find some folders but not all (where my music is stored). Sd card>android>data >music>(broken down by genre) is where my music lives but PA cannot target that folder
  4. Unfortunately thst fix didn't help. I've tried some of the others with no avail.
  5. After updating my galaxy note 20 5g ultra to android 11 this morning, I lost access to my SD card. This happened in android 10 and I don't remember how I got it back. I have over 5k songs on my SD card and I need my music. Tried the legacy option but that didn't work. Pls help
  6. Is there a way to count songs played with repeat to go towards the played counter? I downloaded a new song yesterday and I listened to it litterally all day and the counter was still at 1. I've done this with multiple songs and it doesn't add up. Pls help.
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