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  1. I seem to be having this font issue too. Any suggestions? I've tried everything!!
  2. It actually seems to be working ok this morning but I'll use your suggestion if it starts up again. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  3. I'm using Build 863/Samsung Galaxy S8/Android Pie.
  4. Up until this afternoon I've had no problems but suddenly the music died and a message came up saying that Poweramp was killed. I removed a battery saver from my phone but it still scans constantly and gives out straight away. It was working fine as ever this morning so I'm at a loss to what the problem is. I'm using a Galaxy S8 by the way. Hopefully someone here may know what the issue is. Thanks!!
  5. Album art all sorted. Thanks ever so much.
  6. Everything was great on the previous version. Now I'm missing loads of artwork!! I hope this can get sorted.
  7. I moved on to 799 a couple of days ago. I think it's great but this issue has come up again. Every now and then the player randomly stops. Thought this issue had been ironed out with this update. Any ideas anyone?
  8. I re-downloaded Poweramp so hopefully I'll get some joy. Thanks.
  9. I'm currently having the same issue. Play a tune, it stops at end and doesn't continue the album. A little message saying 'unable to play' appears. Very frustrating indeed!!
  10. Firstly I'd like to say I'm loving the new setup on my Poweramp. I thought my music player was finally sorted. There's just one issue for me though. Today I've noticed that for some reason tracks randomly pause and things just come to a stop after two/three tracks playback if I'm lucky. I've never had this issue before. Has anyone any ideas on sorting this, cos apart from this (big) problem I think it's a great update. Thanks!!
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