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  1. Unfortunately Enqueue uses the same sort method, so Enqueueing an artist results in the same silly (IMO) alphabetical listing of all the tracks across all of the albums. I'm certainly not going to mess around adding all the albums individually. But it seems as though there's precious little support for this request so I'll start looking for another player. Thanks for your help Andre, please feel free to close/delete the thread.
  2. Following discussion elsewhere, it has become apparent that Poweramp cannot perform what I perceive to be a logical function. That is to select an artist & play all albums by the artist but maintaining the track order of the albums. Currently the options are: Play by track no. - This plays all the track #1s followed by all the track #2s. Play by album - Track numbering is disregarded & tracks are instead played alphabetically. There is an "almost" workaround but that then doesn't stop at the selected artist & goes on to play all artists following that selected. It's been implied that I'm the only user ever to want this feature, so the purpose of this thread is to gauge that. If it's something you'd like to see please add a post of support. If no one else really wants it I'll quetly go away & seek out another player.
  3. Thanks. That almost works with the exception that once it's played the last album, it then automatically moves onto the next artist...
  4. Drilling down to an album in the Artist list & playing it will, exactly as expected, ONLY play that album. It does not sequentially play other albums. But apparently if you track skip at the end of an album then it will commence the next album. Which kind of does what I what but I'd prefer to just be able to play without having to interact with Poweramp at the end of every album. I have to say that this is all very counter-intuitive & clunky to the point where I think I need to look at another player.
  5. I'll leave the OP to speak for himself but I believe that's exactly what we're both asking for. Sorting by name will just give you one long alphabetical list comprised of all albums. The only way to achieve the desired behaviour at the moment is to play an album by an artist & then go back & add the other albums to the Queue one by one. This is really clunky as each time you add an album you are taken back to the now playing screen & have to drill down to the artist again.
  6. Funnily enough I came here to resurrect my thread with the same issue but can't find a way to search for it. Maybe I misunderstood the advice I was given last time & this thread as well but I simply cannot get Poweramp to behave in a way I would expect. This is what I want to do: 1) Select an artist. 2) Play all albums by that artist. 3) Have each album play in track # order. I'm not too fussed about what order the albums are sorted in but as per the OP here, I cannot get tracks to play in track order. First issue is that holding an artist only gives me an option to play, no list or sort options. So I can't start it playing how I want. If I then go to the Artist Songs/List Option in the tracks that are playing I can select: By Track No. - This plays each track #1 from each album followed by each track #2, etc. By Title - All tracks merged into a single alphabetical list. By Album - Tracks for each album sorted alphabetically. None of these are wanted/expected behaviour & I simply cannot understand the thought process behind the listing. Never had this issue with other systems. Is the Artist Songs list over-riding the Song list setting? If so, how do I disable it? I also can't find a simple Song list as is repeatedly quoted. There's an All Song list, an Album Song list, an Artist Album Song list & Artist Songs. Nowhere can I find just Song List. Edit For what it's worth I've now found the original thread & the advice is the same as here but it simply doesn't work.
  7. Playing all abums by an artist still isn't right. If I set List Options to sort by album, the tracks within those albums are still played alphabetically rather than by track no?
  8. Firstly, how can I view the currently playing list? This is not a predefined "playlist" or the Queue but the list of tracks currently playing. So say I set an album playing, I can find no way to view the tracks so I can see what's coming up. Secondly, hiw can I quickly play all albums by an artist? If I long press an artist & press play, tracks are played in an apparent random (alphebetical?) pattern rather than sequentially playing albums. All albums are 320k MP3 & fully tagged.
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