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  1. I think Android doesn't support surround output on phones anyway. I don't have a clue about Android TV.
  2. You can sort by a shuffle. This shuffles the order of the tracks on the playlist, so they stay in that order everytime you go back.
  3. They want Poweramp to add to those tiles. Android apps can add their own quick settings tiles there. They want to add music controls to these tiles.
  4. This 100%. I don't want Poweramp touching my metadata unless given explicit permission. Using it is encouraged, modifying it is not something I ever want. So it should be optional and by default disabled if such a feature ever comes.
  5. I don't think that. That sounds silly when I think of my library. But if it's possible, the option has to be there. It would not work for me, but I assume it would for at least some of the userbase of the app. But anyways, the logical thought I have goes genre>track rather than genre>album>track, so I think that is more important first. It's already there though, so not relevant here.
  6. For a fallback that's pretty advanced. Sounds good to me, but again, as a fallback.
  7. In that case listing it as exactly "Various Artists" is a better option I think, seeing as the MusicBrainz standard is that. MusicBrainz is very popular. Trust MusicBrainz.
  8. No, I disagree (as usual...) All artists on the release should be aggregated into the credits. That would give trouble when displaying it, but displaying only the first artist and discarding the rest feels like a disservice to the person who tagged the tracks in the first place. If displaying all of them is not an option, I would rather neither be shown. In that case expect the user to add an albumartist tag and don't falsely interpret the tags in the meantime. Also, displaying the most appearing artist on the album is an option. It's not like code can't calculate that, and I reckon it's not particularly hard either. Actually I'm pretty sure it's not hard at all, even though I can't code.
  9. I think just knowing where all tracks are on every playlist is the right way to go. That's too much to ask for though, when you have too many playlists. So I think this is a legitimate request. The real problem is, where is there even space for that button… Every button you add makes all other buttons less easy to find. And what would the results screen even look like?
  10. I feel like it's going too far with Poweramp… If it can be added in then great, but if not, perhaps Kodi would be a better fit for you? I mean, it runs on Android too… No notifications though. And the cover artwork in the Now Playing screen is far too small, and I'm obsessed with those. Otherwise, I would have jumped ship long ago. I wonder how many, or which tags DLNA can serve though. I feel like Poweramp would lose many of it's useful features on such sources.
  11. This would be absolutely useless with (and please excuse me if you don't like the term) IDM. Still, if the tracks lend themselves to it, it'd be a cool feature. But perhaps, an external app should do this job? IDK, you tell me. If not, I don't suppose it's too hard to code?
  12. Well, with a sample size of two people, one of which doesn't even really care, it's hard to say… I don't even have to say it, but almost all of the userbase has done that already, I'm sure.
  13. Poweramp ought to do more with the tags it's provided. Whether they're one-source like iTunes downloads, standardized like MusicBrainz tagged files, or completely manually placed there like Andre and some other people, Poweramp should pay attention to the tags to sort the music it's provided with. Poweramp is for people like Andre, though, that use only what the standard provides them with and expects standard behaviour 100% of the time. We need a music player that uses tags like multi-genres, albumartistsort and MusicBrainz IDs. I don't know that Poweramp is that player but it'd surely be nice. One day I'll learn to code and make it myself. No mediastore, completely FOSS, and probably hated by people that tag their music manually and expect simple behaviour. …Oh, the genre tags? Yeah, Poweramp should support multiple instances of the same tag, specially when it's genre tags because music is not universally one-genre per track and that's an universal fact, so I think it's essential and Poweramp should implement it. Andre… Those are… multiple selected tracks's tags…
  14. Does that really mean anything? I mean, it's still a way to sort the files. I'm gonna go ahead and say that the overall Poweramp userbase does not care as long as it isn't in the U section, and even then nobody has said anything about it until now. Those who do care probably either: 1) want to see those immediately to fix it, or 2) want to keep it at hand because they're not going to fix the tags. The Venn diagram between this one and Poweramp users is probably two separate circles. You want to hide it in case you're not going to fix the tags immediately, but are probably going to fix them later on and don't want to make your library look ugly. I would guess a good portion of the userbase would rather know immediately whether their tags are wrong, like me, and another good portion would rather hide it away, like you. I think this ought to be another optional feature, if it really matters, which it probably doesn't so I'm not going to bother Max about it.
  15. @andrewilley In my opinion, general categories should be immediately visible, not hidden away at the end because you don't know they're there. You know your album artists are filling up your albums by artist category. For the unknown, however, you'd have to guess that the Unknown artist category is at the end. Hell, you have to guess that it's at the 'U' point. It makes sense to you to put it at the end because you would actually know that it's at the end and you don't want to see it. What about the rest of the userbase?
  16. @andrewilley At the end? That'd be damn confusing. At the start, maybe.
  17. I'd like to add, sometimes discs have a title. It'd be nice for the title to be displayed when tags are present. I know multiple discs give me that problem, that I often don't know what I'm looking at when looking at the tracklist because the track names don't help.
  18. My moto e⁵ can most definitely do the scan. Anyways Max helped me. The SD card was faulty, I checked with my PC. It's good to know that SD cards can do that. to a phone when they're old.
  19. If discs were used for the tree, we could have this feature. It could be optional too, and when enabled, the tree would be like: "albumartist>album>disc>tracks" 1+ from me
  20. Ah yeah, now that you explained it it makes sense.
  21. I just formatted it, as internal. I'm gonna try moving Poweramp back on the device and see what that gives me. EDIT: Nevermind, it's already there. I'm gonna try checking it on the PC. EDIT 2: "f3", the command line program says it's busted. My precious card is busted! Oh well, I'm getting another one now. Stay tuned for more news on my phone! okno. But maybe you should add this info to the FAQ though, that a long scanning time and ocassional crashes and hangups might be a sign of a faulty SD card. I have to confess though that I did not read the FAQ. But if it isn't there, it could be useful!
  22. @andrewilley I actually don't think I'm gonna do all that. (EDIT: the full rescan part. I already sent two logs) I did a FULL RESET of my phone after some weird connectivity issues. Spent all day setting up my phone, it wasn't fun. (Actually it kinda was) Well, the thing is, this issue happened before and it is still happening. You'd think the factory reset would have helped but no. It's still happening. 101 seconds? Yeah there is something really wrong happening to my phone then. For the record, music is synced through Syncthing which is faster than USB 2. I don't suppose that's got anything to do with it? No versioning, but there's a folder on the root called ".stfolder" which in the past made it not browseable under the scanner settings somehow. Still scanned fine though, but I couldn't choose what to scan. Now the opposite is true. EDIT: sent a second log. Sending a PM to Max right now.
  23. @andrewilley I'll try to behave. I'm sorry.
  24. I don't know if the change would be easy but I think this is a feature I would love to have. I don't trust that it would work, though. PA's scanner is too inefficient to go through a samba library. And you need to rescan to remove tracks, that takes time. I would love it if the scanner could handle it though. Maybe it should leave the library database in the samba server, and serve what is present? Two libraries at the same time, presented as one? Then again, maybe it's too much work for Max. It would take too much time.
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