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  1. Icarus

    App crashing

    worked once for me, and will check back later if no lockups.
  2. I gave up after 16 hrs trying to force it to work continuously. Only way is first clear cache in app then force stop. Then opens app. But when closed again, gotta repeat. It's workaround.
  3. will the present beta update automatically or do we have to come here to get the apk im on alpha 704 now. worked fine in nougat, crashes in oreo. ive done factory resets reinstall and uninstalls must be hell doing the coding to work will all devices.
  4. seems the code google uses in oreo doesn't play well with some Poweramp apps. if i get one that works, im willing to pay 10.00 or more for a final stable Poweramp someone said in april a newer version is coming.
  5. it works after install all other attempts to open it crashes app. so i clear cache force stop and works again as long as i dont close v3 down.
  6. using alpha 704 in oreo OS on note 8 используя альфа 704 в ОС oreo на заметке 8
  7. i have oreo on the note 8 and before oreo no problems with beta У меня есть oreo на заметке 8 и до oreo нет проблем с бета-версией
  8. hopefully v3 next beta will occur in this month. nougat was perfect, oreo not so much.
  9. HIS fix wont work. i will live with clearing cache force stop in each session using it.
  10. i will try one more time what johnbyebye suggested device galaxy note 8 with oreo OS.
  11. will there be a another beta of v3 soon or stable version soon
  12. IN OREO only non visual older version works, again im reporting a bug.
  13. where to find 588 the one that crashes is v3 beta that has the visual animated graphics. all worked on nougat but freezes device regardless of uninstall reinstall. my device is a new note 8. yes note 8 fully functional' strange thing is when i clear cache and force stop v3 beta, it works until i close it , then opening again it locks up and wont work till i clear and force.
  14. The best player in all years I've owned devices. Ibut needs one that plays fair with OREO and the like. I'm referring to version 3 beta.
  15. I'm on a clean note 8,with OREO, and every time I open version 3 beta it locks device and screen. It did not do it it on 7.1.1 nougat. This needs attention. I love the player, but one that works with note 8 Oreo.
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