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  1. its factual if its broke fix it waiting for the fix or whats the delay in the next beta also i use to be tech support for samsung. i know.
  2. nice try being unlocked, but 90 pct note users it does lock up, even the moderator agrees. and you might not be running the alpha i am.
  3. i would say so strongly. Nothing worse than clicking Poweramp, the only app out of 600 on my note 8 that literally locks up device every time.
  4. ANYONE AT ALL KNOW if next version will be fully functional with oreo OS and samsung.
  5. damn good to hear. im not going to be zeroed in being only device that does it
  6. exactly/ its crazy, and were told it suppose to work/well until the coding or samsung specific does are implemented, it will be the jerry rig opening and closing. btw, when it crashes does scree go blank on device/ive never seen such app do it. the DVC is kickass on v3 alpha. i dont dig ver 2. no visual graphics
  7. Yes welcome to the crash syndrome. I'm on note 8 Oreo. Issue. Click app. It locked device screen turns black. Hit home button few times unfreeze. Then I do clear cache in app and force stop then it works. But if you close app, have to do it again.
  8. the google play version is stable. The beta some having issues using the beta. its a matter of trial and error. damn best player, and cant wait for a stable version 3. i have a note 8 with oreo the alpha builds are work in progress.
  9. Need to wait to see Oreos code in order the build new revisions to create the next beta. I write code so I know.
  10. Sadly it's because developers need to wait for source code before moving forward.
  11. XB50AP EXTRA BASS™ In-Ear Headphones is ones i have, but can get them 15 cheaper on amazon 29 on amazon
  12. any sony earbuds, ive had 200.00 ones not of sony and were bad sound. if you go 30 you will not be sorry; any sony earbuds
  13. go into settings look at the bottom and it will say get beta v 3 to test. considering you have the regular non beta right now and there you will see a link where you can be a tester. theres so many beta versions but starting from the app link is where to begin.
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