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  1. I think you're right, I just turned off auto scan and its working again.
  2. When the app is open you can access it from the drag down menu of your phone. EDIT: suddenly it's working again.
  3. Sadly, its neither of those. The songs are recognised, they can be played but only after I force close the app. If I close the app the overlay still acts like the song is playing after its stopped.
  4. My app now freezes after playing 1 song and will not proceed to play the next. I have to force close the app to get it to working again.
  5. I'm doing it through the album and it's not changing for me.
  6. The Count As Played option doesn't seem to work for me. I've set it at 0% and 1% but the count under the info/tags option never seems to change.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android 8.0.0 What happens is, when I got to search for example "Beastie Boys" the space will often be removed upon pressing it and it'd say instead "BeastieBoys". So you have to press the space bar again. It only seems to happen on the search function.
  8. I've narrowed it down to 246 songs, but I don't know what ones are missing or why.
  9. I'm guessing it's to do with some of them being.aac? I don't know what's missing (I have so many songs it's hard to keep track of what's not there) but I know some of them are .aac. I have it set to "don't ignore - include all" but that doesn't seem to help. I can't go through 600+ songs are re-tag them, it'll take hours.
  10. I seem to be missing around 600 songs and I have no idea why. Is anyone else having issue with missing songs? And I keep getting an issue with the search bar, every time I press the space bar it'll be deleted.
  11. I'm still having an irritating bug on the search menu. When I press the space-bar the cursor will move forward a space and then go back. Meaning I can't type properly. So searching for a song has become a pain. Is anyone else having this?
  12. Has anyone had an issue with the search bar removing spaces when typing?
  13. Could we get the option to change artwork for playlists?
  14. My lockscreen still isn't working and PA always seems to reset to the first song in a list after closing the app.
  15. I've tried that and it still didn't work. Only comes up with the notification bar and that's it. Can you screenshot what yours looks like?
  16. Seems others are having the same issue.
  17. Is the lockscreen working for anyone else? Played around with the settings and nothing works. Only the notification tab shows up.
  18. I noticed that the "max items" option seems to revert back to 200. And the lockscreen doesn't seem to work.
  19. Thanks. I'll be sure to do that from now on.
  20. But when I import my playlists again I have to have them titled . m3u8 which is incredibly annoying and distracting. How come this only happens some of the time though? I removed my card two days ago and everything stayed the same, but today they're all gone? Thanks for the advice though. I'll import my . m3u8 backups.
  21. I remove my Micro SD card to add more music to my phone. Insert the Micro SD card again and all my playlists are empty, all my plays and ratings have disappeared. Luckily I have Playlist Manager so I can import my ratings and plays but my playlists now need to be completely re-organised. I have over 200 so this will take hours. Why does this keep happening? This has happened to me three times now. Poweramp knows where the songs are, it has no trouble finding them but it's like it just forgets all about them. This need to be better or I'm just moving to something else, I'm getting
  22. Isn't that just the regular notification panel though? Not the actual music players lock screen? I'm not sure the lock screen works on the current versions yet.
  23. Does the lockscreen work for you on 709?
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