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  1. I just tried it and sadly it hasn't changed for me. Songs are still showing "unknown artist/unknown album" when the tags are all correct and I still have an issue with grant access.
  2. I have an S7 Edge, Micro SD, I've tried a full rescan. I've removed grant access and Legacy mode doesn't appear for me. I can't find it anywhere and when I search for it it takes to the misc tab and it isn't there.
  3. I've been having this issue, too. Thousands of songs are now showing "unknown artists" and "unknown albums". I've tried just about everything, sometimes it'll fix itself, sometimes it won't. All the info is there when I look, some songs allow me to edit, save and then it'll show everything correct and others just tell me I need to grant access but every time I do that it just asks for it again. A huge part of my library has been completely screwed up.
  4. I think you're right, I just turned off auto scan and its working again.
  5. When the app is open you can access it from the drag down menu of your phone. EDIT: suddenly it's working again.
  6. Sadly, its neither of those. The songs are recognised, they can be played but only after I force close the app. If I close the app the overlay still acts like the song is playing after its stopped.
  7. My app now freezes after playing 1 song and will not proceed to play the next. I have to force close the app to get it to working again.
  8. I'm doing it through the album and it's not changing for me.
  9. The Count As Played option doesn't seem to work for me. I've set it at 0% and 1% but the count under the info/tags option never seems to change.
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