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  1. +1 same here LG g6+ (lgus997u) Android 7.0 stock rom. It has ES9218+ SABRE DAC SoC from ESS.
  2. Lg g6+(us997u) here, Poweramp v808 hi res output doesn't activate but instead it just goes back to openSL output which says 'Active'
  3. Lg g6+(us997u) here, Poweramp v806 says isn't using the ES9218+ DAC but instead Qualcomm integrated.
  4. LG g6+ (lgus997u) Android 7.0 stock rom Poweramp v806 It has ES9218+ SABRE DAC SoC from ESS, but as show in the screenshot it's using the Snapdragron CPU DAC
  5. When I make playlist I like to organize in which order the music plays, but if the playlist is way to big I have to scroll to the top, and takes lots of time when all I want to do is send that song to the top of the list.
  6. 1. Lg G6+ (us997u) 2. Android 7.0 lg stock rom (android 8.01 coming this year) 3. SABRE HIFI DAC ES9218+ https://www.techradar.com/news/lg-g6-plus-launched-with-128gb-of-storage-and-hi-res-audio It's for V20 but g6+ and V20 have the same DAC: Poweramp only does 48KHz
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