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  1. +1 same here LG g6+ (lgus997u) Android 7.0 stock rom. It has ES9218+ SABRE DAC SoC from ESS.
  2. Lg g6+(us997u) here, Poweramp v808 hi res output doesn't activate but instead it just goes back to openSL output which says 'Active'
  3. Lg g6+(us997u) here, Poweramp v806 says isn't using the ES9218+ DAC but instead Qualcomm integrated.
  4. LG g6+ (lgus997u) Android 7.0 stock rom Poweramp v806 It has ES9218+ SABRE DAC SoC from ESS, but as show in the screenshot it's using the Snapdragron CPU DAC
  5. Feels bad, rating system on PA was one of the features that kept me from using other players. I'll have to use v2 again ?, it was find, but I'll really miss hi res audio.
  6. It's annoying that to look for the rating I've given to a song, I have to play it while the only thing I want to see is the rating. Please, show star rating on every list, folder view like old v2.
  7. same here, happens just by changing music list like changing from one folder to the other.
  8. The screenshot was borrow from @maxmp post, but I have the stars on top of artworks too. You mean like this:
  9. bump. 795 still takes me to folder view instead of Folders Hierarchy view.
  10. First, thanks @maxmp for the star rating and also shuffle is now working ?. Question: How to show star rating of each song while navigating through folders?, like in picture but without being limited to Top Rated.
  11. After some testing, I found that playlist shuffle works, but playlist has to be from the same album, but when I tried a playlist with multiple albums, it will play randomly each song for every album in order. For example, Album A is played shuffled, when all tracks from this album have been played, it goes to the Next Album but The Problem is that it doesn't shuffle the playlist as whole.
  12. same here, keeps changing back to song title.
  13. I prefer star rating too, hoping it's back!!! on next release because as other mention it allowed me to rate my music in some sort of subcategories.
  14. Songs menu to show folder takes you to new folder view, the new folder view it's useless for me because I organize my music creating an Artist folder and that view just mixes everything. I'm using the list options - Folder Hierarchy but, how to make that the song menu - folder button, go to Folder Hierarchy view instead of just Folder view? the way it used to be.
  15. I haven't found a way to display track number and total in 793. The only workaround is to pull the notification panel, and see there.
  16. And used to old V2 queue playlist, where for example: I put songs in Queue and stop until all the songs in the playlist where played, even if closed the app and resume where I was later. But now in 793, I put songs in Queue it plays them but when I close the app and later play again it doesn't resume where I was in Queue at all, just plays other stuff I was playing before the Queue playlist. So was the point of Queue now? if the app just forgets about them. I want to think it's just Bug.
  17. I have same problem with pebble, it use to work on the last stable version but with 709 can't use next/previous just play and volume controls.
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