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  1. 8 hours ago, Jake Heffernon said:

    I've done this before and it does sound good. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this? And could someone please post a more in depth route to get these exact settings (eg. How many times you tick the equalizer up or down) because a picture isn't the best when dealing with different size phones and a newer version of Poweramp. Thank you

    Import these settings then


  2. This provide me with a balance between bass and the clarity of the voice.

    I have made some changes to it.

    EQ is purely subjective - depending on the wild variational quality of speakers, headphones, earphones.. And the quality of the audio. And whether your ears are bunged up with wax.

    All credit goes to San_X form XDA developers





  3. 1 minute ago, clever_man said:

    @Sylvo, just tried to download - all good. Can you try another browser to download? I have no ability upload to gdrive at this moment, maybe later or tomorrow.

    Thx man it finally worked when I tried with chrome. Great job on the app.


    I hope that you will add the color changing ability to the app.( Like the one from the screenshot) 

    All the best ?



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