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  1. Chromecast is awesome but by adding lyrics support it would better 😉
  2. U the legend @maxmp thx for the Chromecast support 😍😍😍 I know that I'm asking a bit much but I think that adding a lyrics option in Chromecast would be awesome 😏😉 I know that ur busy it can be in the least priority. Still thanks for Chromecast support 😍
  3. Well I'm not the best person to explain this but I feel that this sounds good to me. If u have a doubt check out the original XDA developers who posted it It's there in the first page 😉
  4. Thanks for trying it out. It's good to tune it to your wishes too.?
  5. Which version r u in. Its just a few things to move up and down. I bet that you can do this.
  6. Thz @fullmetal_soldier people should express their own opinions. But I'm happy with my presets ?
  7. This started after the update, rescanning did nothing. I think this issue is device specific ?
  8. Hey, @andrewilley I think that I have found a bug in the build 709. Is it me or that is common problem that Poweramp show that *no track loaded* Please help ?
  9. It's totally based of ur preference and if u didn't like it just play around with the knobs until u find the sweet spot..
  10. This is the attached file If does not work manual is the way to go bro just like @andrewilley said...
  11. Hey I will reupload the file and try in that I hope that it will work ... last.poweramp-settings
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