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  1. Device model : POCO X2 ROM version : Android 10, MIUI 11 Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? Audio IO Policy attached. Also SD 730G Qualcomm page talks about PCM 32bit/384k. For recent Poweramp builds, screenshot of Settings / Audio / Advanced Tweaks / Audio Outputs Detection Logs : attached. I must add 24 bit works but there's no 32 bit option, also the volume when I enable 24 bit audio is lesser than 16bit and upon enabling DVC it decreases even more. audio_io_policy.conf
  2. Thank you very much @maxmp for your work, I would like to make a request - share option for the track.
  3. @maxmp I request you to please bring back the star rating.
  4. Another device Model : LG Q6 / LG-M700DSK System : Android 7.1.1 (stock, untouched) Reason : audio-policy; showing the option but output fails. audio_policy_configuration.xml
  5. True true, I had turned DVC off a couple days ago. Turning it on increased the volume alot. Thanks.
  6. Model : Xiaomi - MI MAX - 1st gen System : MIUI Global Stable (not rooted, bootloader unlocked), Android 7.0 Why should it work : Snapdragon 24 bit PCM; It worked on 703 alpha in Android 6, notable boost in volume and the lows. In the newer versions, the soundstage decreased and there's literally no bass. Here's the audio_policy audio_policy.conf.txt
  7. You need android 5 and up to post feedback here. (Unless the feedback is positive.. that would be informative).
  8. I think this could be some issue with MIUI, moving the pre-amp slider down and up again took the volume boost away. The 'No headroom gain' option also has the same effect as the pre-amp slider - the volume drops. No perceivable difference in sound quality ofcourse.
  9. Uhh.. you brought philosophy and windows 8/10 into the discussion, on all of which, but the win 8 interface, I'll beg to differ. But just regarding the new Poweramp UI, I'm okay with the design change (not hating on the previous). I haven't faced any accidental/miss-swiping. I'm not fond of the text on the black-bars over the album art but I'm not able to relate to the strong allergic reactions on this forum to that text, nor to the hatred over 'material UI' looking horrendous or anything, or even to the flaming on the wave-bar. Only a few users, forum/non-forum, would even be able to classify this UI as 'material'. I think the main screen looks just fine, if not a bit better than the previous UI aesthetically. The blur customisation on the main screen is a fun addition. The wave-bar helped me to move precisely to the few seconds, to listen to the voice/singing on that very part, fat thumbs used to make precise seeking very hard with the seek-bar. The wave-bar concept is something new to me and it looks good, just hoping the bars themselves get fixed soon to properly relate to the quiet and loud portions of the song. However eventually an option to toggle buttons/gestures and customizing the text, as well as reducing the width of the wav-bar should be nice. As of now, I'm just looking forward to the HiRes functionality getting fixed, the star rating, the ability to delete and Occasional crashing and not opening unless you wipe its data, as soon as possible; followed by the numerous things Max has already put in there, but they don't work yet, but I can wait for those patiently.
  10. I miss the library functionalities but HiRes is the thing that made me check the forums everyday. #VoteforHiRes ?
  11. Hopefully the messed up HiRes output gets patched up within May, can't contemplate dropping to android 6 now, if this doesn't work.
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