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  1. Device model : POCO X2 ROM version : Android 10, MIUI 11 Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? Audio IO Policy attached. Also SD 730G Qualcomm page talks about PCM 32bit/384k. For recent Poweramp builds, screenshot of Settings / Audio / Advanced Tweaks / Audio Outputs Detection Logs : attached. I must add 24 bit works but there's no 32 bit option, also the volume when I enable 24 bit audio is lesser than 16bit and upon enabling DVC it decreases even more. audio_io_policy.conf
  2. Thank you very much @maxmp for your work, I would like to make a request - share option for the track.
  3. Another device Model : LG Q6 / LG-M700DSK System : Android 7.1.1 (stock, untouched) Reason : audio-policy; showing the option but output fails. audio_policy_configuration.xml
  4. True true, I had turned DVC off a couple days ago. Turning it on increased the volume alot. Thanks.
  5. Model : Xiaomi - MI MAX - 1st gen System : MIUI Global Stable (not rooted, bootloader unlocked), Android 7.0 Why should it work : Snapdragon 24 bit PCM; It worked on 703 alpha in Android 6, notable boost in volume and the lows. In the newer versions, the soundstage decreased and there's literally no bass. Here's the audio_policy audio_policy.conf.txt
  6. Noise even at a low volume means faulty DAC or the file itself has issues, its as simple as that. Seems like you are talking about grain, a better DAC might help if Max doesn't show up with the goods. Btw Im using MI MAX with Senn HD 598SR, I don't have noise issues but yes the internal DAC/amp could make the sound cleaner and even more spacious
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