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  1. I absolutely agree. In the bottom portion of the picture I attached to my post it lists the "Signal Analizer" section. There the user can select what volume level the crossfade will begin... - 3db in this example. Songs with a 'cold' ending, like your "We Will Rock You" example, would not triger the crossfade. But a song with a fade out would. To achieve a simple segue would require: 1) Threshold - to triger the next song at specified decrease in volume at end of the song and 2) Fade In - for the user to customize overlap initial volume at the start of the next song. Thank yo
  2. There have been several requests for an improved Crossfade feature. It is described as a "Radio Fade" or "Segue" As the first song ends it fades out. During the fade out the next song starts at full or nearly full volume. This is the preferred method. When the second song fades in the first few bars of music is inaudible. This is especially disconcerting when the song begins with lyrics without musical introduction pryor to the vocals. The lyrics are lost. The attached photo is a screen shot from the SQR Crossfade pluggin for the old Winamp program. It has all the necessary options and c
  3. There is a workaround. All Songs List Options offers "By Year' as a sort parameter. Sort the songs chronologically then select the songs. Finding the specific year will still require opening individual songs to look at the year field in the metadata. But once the specific year is found all Songs withe similar year data will be sorted together.
  4. I would also like to have "year" added to search parameters. Hopefully this is an easy addition. It would be extremely helpful in many instances when constructing a specific Playlist. Thank you.
  5. Please add my vote for adjustable volume normalization (compressor/limiter). The ability to modify the song's dynamic range is so useful in many listening environments.
  6. Flyingdutchman, will your app also correct media locations from importeted Playlists?
  7. I agree. This feature is a segue or a radio mix, not a crossfade. As one song fades out the next starts a a normal volume, not faded up. This would be a very welcome feature!!
  8. A segue feature would be a very welcome feature. This differs from crossfade. In a segue as one song fades out the user could determine the volume threshold to start the next song. And the user can stipulate at what volume level the next song begins. Not a crossfade of two songs, but as the first fades out the second begins at full volume (or assigned volume setting).
  9. I so agree with the previous post! PLEASE improve the Crossfade feature to be a segue!!
  10. The attached photo is a screen shot from the SQR Crossfade pluggin for the old Winamp program. It has all the necessary options and controls to customize the Crossfade to perfection. It is my hope that you will alow such customization within the Crossfade portion of your app. Please consider my recommendation Thank you ATTACHMENTS ATTACHMENTS
  11. The Genre dropdown menu in Edit Tag's appears blank. The appropriate Genre catagories are listed but in the same color as the background so unreadable .
  12. I completely agree with the previous posts. Crossfade should include feature as stated by fernsx and andrewilley. As and old broadcaster I hate "dead air" between songs. One of the reasons I choose Poweramp was the Crossfade and Gapless features - but both could use an upgrade.
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