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  1. @maxmp, great idea! I voted for cloud streaming because I have bunch of songs on GDrive. I'm forced to play it on Solid Explorer for now. Can't wait to see this feature in Poweramp!
  2. I also think that would be cool if Poweramp have option to tag songs with "E" or "EXPLICIT" logo.
  3. Nope. I have some purchased songs from Google Play. When I downloaded these songs and open it on iTunes on PC, I can see explicit tag.
  4. I think that "E" or "EXPLICIT" tag will be awesome feature for songs with meta-tags. It would be cool if Poweramp have this just like Spotify.
  5. @maxmp New update is so great. Thank you for it. 😎
  6. Here's my files. UPDATE: File info in Poweramp instead in Solid Explorer*
  7. When I change volume nothing happens, track is muted until I restart it. For output I frequently use headphones. My device is SM-A500FU (Samsung Galaxy A5 2015), Android 7.1 / Xtreme OS v3.1 (costum rom).
  8. No, only if I play album from the start.
  9. @maxmp I don't know if this is bug but music files who have number first and are not tagged, PA will not display number. Example: If I have song from 21 Savage (rapper) that are not tagged, PA will display his name as Savage. Also, every time when I listen to the Astroworld (album) from Travis Scott (rapper), PA mute sound of song that are called 5% TINT so I must restart whole song to unmute it but if I right now select this song to play, audio will not be muted, so this only happens when I listen album from the start. Album is tagged. This bug has been in all v3 versions (for v2 I'm not sure because album has been released 3 months ago when I had v3, not v2 anymore).
  10. I overwrited v2 with all alpha versions by thinking that my settings is saved. Thank you. ?
  11. @maxmp Can you please restore queue like in Poweramp v2 because in this alpha versions when I selected few songs and start queue, my current song stop playing. I want that song continue playing and when it finish, queue starts. I hope you understand what I mean.
  12. Thank you Max so much for this update! It's awesome!!!
  13. I fix this bug few hours ago when I force close and deleted cache and data from Play Store app and open it.
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