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  1. So, playlist generated in Poweramp will not create file?
  2. And is there an option to hide .m3u8 in playlist name in Poweramp?
  3. I found good solution - creating m3u8 files.
  4. Yes but this will show me all folders which I don't want. I know that I can simply uncheck folder to unscan but I want something like where you can view two seperate storages, like internal memory and SD card. As I already mentioned, on sdcard/music I have untagged songs in mp3/wav/flac/aac... and on internal memory I have tagged songs. I listen to songs on both storages but I want to have my library with tagged songs to be only showed. You can install UAPP and see that you have option to play your library from whatever storage, but if you select only internal memory with one or few folders with music files, you have option to see music also from SD card. I don't know if this can be done in Poweramp, but folder hierarchy is close to this, only scaling is problem.
  5. Yes, but, I would like that album folders have "grid - small" scale and in album folder that contain songs I would like to have "list - compact" without to rescale everytime I open the folder...
  6. I don't know, but I only using folder hierarchy due to better organisation of files. I have selected two storages (internal/music, sdcard/music). On internal storage I have flac files, all properly tagged, and on sd card I have unorganized mp3/wav/flac files. Folder hierarchy is good way for me to view selected storage with music without to deselect sdcard/music in scanning option...
  7. @andrewilley, yes, this is it.
  8. In "Folder Hierarchy" I have two folders that contains music. When I scale folder view to (for example) "Grid - Small" and when I open the folder and scale folder/song view (for example) to "List - Compact" I will view songs in this view, but when I re-open Poweramp, folder views will be reseted.
  9. Is it possible for .lrc support in future updates? This is more and more requested option.
  10. @maxmp, great idea! I voted for cloud streaming because I have bunch of songs on GDrive. I'm forced to play it on Solid Explorer for now. Can't wait to see this feature in Poweramp!
  11. I also think that would be cool if Poweramp have option to tag songs with "E" or "EXPLICIT" logo.
  12. Nope. I have some purchased songs from Google Play. When I downloaded these songs and open it on iTunes on PC, I can see explicit tag.
  13. I think that "E" or "EXPLICIT" tag will be awesome feature for songs with meta-tags. It would be cool if Poweramp have this just like Spotify.
  14. @maxmp New update is so great. Thank you for it. 😎
  15. Here's my files. UPDATE: File info in Poweramp instead in Solid Explorer*
  16. When I change volume nothing happens, track is muted until I restart it. For output I frequently use headphones. My device is SM-A500FU (Samsung Galaxy A5 2015), Android 7.1 / Xtreme OS v3.1 (costum rom).
  17. No, only if I play album from the start.
  18. @maxmp I don't know if this is bug but music files who have number first and are not tagged, PA will not display number. Example: If I have song from 21 Savage (rapper) that are not tagged, PA will display his name as Savage. Also, every time when I listen to the Astroworld (album) from Travis Scott (rapper), PA mute sound of song that are called 5% TINT so I must restart whole song to unmute it but if I right now select this song to play, audio will not be muted, so this only happens when I listen album from the start. Album is tagged. This bug has been in all v3 versions (for v2 I'm not sure because album has been released 3 months ago when I had v3, not v2 anymore).
  19. I overwrited v2 with all alpha versions by thinking that my settings is saved. Thank you. ?
  20. @maxmp Can you please restore queue like in Poweramp v2 because in this alpha versions when I selected few songs and start queue, my current song stop playing. I want that song continue playing and when it finish, queue starts. I hope you understand what I mean.
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