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  1. I think it would be awesome if square album art is added in default skin. Then no need to search/trial of 3rd party skin.
  2. Yes, I tried one. But the thing is, if I use 3re party skin, I'll loose the color accent on volume and other knobs, which is very cool looking. Yes a toggle would be damn good.
  3. Hi, I would like to set all album art appear as square without rounded edges in all views: Library/Playlist/Now playing etc. Is it possible now? Is there any setting/tweak for that?
  4. Custom sort is really missing.. Sort by year then by album then by track number
  5. Yes, Chromecast was disabled. I had v820 in which I didnt face this issue. Then I updated to v823, which started this issue. So I reverted back to v820. @maxmp
  6. On 23 apr, i installed the new version update of 22 apr from playstore. I cleared cache and reset the app before using; but battery drain is still there. So I reverted back to v820.
  7. I have turned off auto scan many days ago. Still issue is there. But today after listening to music for like ~1.5hrs, i forced kill the app. Since then I have not noticed any significant battery drain.
  8. Yesterday I turned of auto scan. Today the battery consumption is lesser than yesterday, but higher than normal (like in earlier versions).
  9. If I force close the player and restart, it'll show correct info with any song title. I have checked this. In the above screenshot, I was listening to "For you", but mini player was showing "(Baby...."; so after force closing, I played the " (Baby....", it was showing correct info.
  10. Poweramp v3 build 823 Android 7.1.2 Lineage OS 14.1 20190126 Motorola X Play (lux) xt1562 The mini now playing bar is showing wrong info. If PA is force closed and opened, then it will show correct info.
  11. Now it's happening almost everytime Poweramp is in use
  12. I was listening to music using wired headphone with screen off; everyday while going to/coming from work, I listen to music for ~2hrs. Earlier I never got this much high battery consumption.
  13. Poweramp v3 build 823 Android 7.1.2 Lineage OS 14.1 20190126 Motorola X Play (lux) xt1562 I'm experiencing high battery usage by Poweramp.
  14. Yes I can do that. But I want only equalizers presets and sound effects; others settings should be default/reset.
  15. Hi, I need to reset Poweramp; but I really want to keep the custom equalizer presets and sound settings. Any suggestion? Thanks
  16. Hi, Does the current Poweramp support multiple artist separation? Yesterday I tried with those characters you mentioned; it was not detecting.
  17. I tried below characters as separator in artist field of mp3 file, none of them are considered as separator in Poweramp. , ; / // I use itunes on PC, I'm looking for that character which will be taken as separator both in itunes and Poweramp. Any thoght?
  18. Today I tried one app. Petralex hearing aid... Not liked...
  19. Yes I saw that... It should be more like a mix of mic input and music
  20. Hi, It would be great if Poweramp supports listen to mic feature just like windows. We dont have to pull out our earphones if someone come to us and talk. It will be helpful while commuting/or at home. What do you guys think?
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