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  1. Unfortunately, the bug still persists for me, even after your recent update. Google Pixel 2XL running Pie.
  2. You can thank Samsung for that problem. Newer galaxies don't show full screen album art on the lockscreen because that's the way Samsung handles it in their os.
  3. @maxmp I know new features and options aren't on the menu right now, but in the future it would be great if there were an option to skip certain songs when shuffling. I usually shuffle all available songs but there are certain tracks on some albums that I'd rather skip. Thanks for the excellent update!!
  4. @gcantoni looking really good! Can't wait for the next update! ?
  5. Not seeing this at all on P on my Pixel 2 XL. Everything is working as it did on O.
  6. While I look forward to the redesign, it really seems that after having such a protracted amount of time pass with proposed deadlines blown by one by one, that perhaps the best solution to everyone's problems would have been to fix what's making the app broken for those that can't get full functionality on version 3. Would the necessary coding really have taken all that long to bring that part of the app up to speed while Max continues to work on the redesign? I think this would have put out a lot of the fires that are currently burning throughout the user base and make the wait all that more manageable for all. At this point, who can say if it would be worth it to do? No one has any clue as to where exactly development is. But if it's still a ways off, which all indications seem to point to as the last given estimate has passed us by without another update, it might be the best solution.
  7. Great suggestion! That would be nice.
  8. Where is the 32 bit DAC switch found?
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