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  1. Poweramp is close to perfect 😊 Two suggested improvements: 1) For Artist and Album Artist images, an option to change the shape of the icon to either a square or square with rounded cornets 2) Anywhere the UI presents an up navigation arrow, provide a gesture to pull down from the top of the page he screen to provide the same navigation.
  2. I've repeated several times on different devices, different connections and uninstall/reinstall Poweramp with the result of random artist images being corrupt. There is no discernable pattern as to which images are corrupt. I'd guess each attempt results in about 40% or images failing to download correctly.
  3. This issue occurred occasionally in earlier builds. It is much worse now. Changing to a different internet connection doesn't make a difference. Once this is fixed, is there a way to clear all artist images and redownload?
  4. Android 8.0 (Oreo) implements a new hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for all media services, including audio. I hope that doesn't impose further Poweramp 3.0 delay. A summary is available at: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/09/android-8-0-oreo-thoroughly-reviewed/
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