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  1. On Build -899-arm64-play(899004-6b777921) full Version 64 bit Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Android 11 Luminous Black skin When navigating by Album Artist, the UI seems to be counting the number of songs by the Album Artist and repeating them by that number of times. I don't see the bug when looking at the same by Artist (not Album Artist). In this example, I have a total of 4 songs by the Album Artist Moody Blues. The UI lists each song 4 times. If I navigate to Moody Blues under Artist, there is no bug
  2. Poweramp is close to perfect 😊 Two suggested improvements: 1) For Artist and Album Artist images, an option to change the shape of the icon to either a square or square with rounded cornets 2) Anywhere the UI presents an up navigation arrow, provide a gesture to pull down from the top of the page he screen to provide the same navigation.
  3. I've repeated several times on different devices, different connections and uninstall/reinstall Poweramp with the result of random artist images being corrupt. There is no discernable pattern as to which images are corrupt. I'd guess each attempt results in about 40% or images failing to download correctly.
  4. This issue occurred occasionally in earlier builds. It is much worse now. Changing to a different internet connection doesn't make a difference. Once this is fixed, is there a way to clear all artist images and redownload?
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