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  1. I just realized what was causing the playback problems. It's the resampler. Picking any of the noise shaping algorythms just breaks PA completely in terms of audio playback. Clearing the app data fixes this, though. @maxmp
  2. I still don't have any Hi-Res output on Axon 7 (AEX 5.5 + Ainur Sauron) nor do I have any wired headphone option in the OpenSL HD section. Music doesn't play at all as well after messing with the output settings. I've got some screen shots of what it looks like when I play music and the missing settings.
  3. Hey, @maxmp, Hi-Res output doesn't seem to be enabled on my device. Axon 7 A2017G, AEX 5.5 (Oreo 8.1) with the latest Ainur Sauron installed. I can't use OpenSL HD either since it's only limited to Bluetooth and an external DAC. Also, a lot of music won't play at all or at least won't have any sound when playing. The seek bar progresses, but there's no audio and the visualizer just maxes out and fills my screen.
  4. Poweramp seems to not detect the DAC in my Axon 7 A2017G. Hi-res output specifies Snapdragon 24 Bit PCM. Not sure if it's just a UI bug or it doesn't detect it at all. ROM: Dark ROM 14.1-20171102-Nightly
  5. Ya'll are lucky this isn't XDA. Half of you would have been banned for constantly begging for the release and ETA. I wish that rule was applied on this forum as well but alas... This isn't a mega forum for a bunch of devs.
  6. Inb4 Max gets fed up, releases the beta tomorrow, and it's absolutely unusable because the UI hasn't been finished, there's a ton of placeholder buttons and layouts then everyone gets pissed at Max for releasing an unfinished/unusable beta.
  7. Jeez... All these numbers and technical mumbo jumbo. Not that I don't appreciate numbers (I do), but it gets to a point where the magic of audio is lost. Because one guy thinks he can hear that 372khz sin wave working its magic to make a sawtooth wave sound amazing. Everyone's ears are different. If you think you hear a difference, cool beans, but don't get all salty if someone else cant hear it. The only time anyone has to worry about numbers is when they're mastering or engineering an audio track or sound. Those guys are the ones who have to worry about resolution and bit depth.
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