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  1. I just realized what was causing the playback problems. It's the resampler. Picking any of the noise shaping algorythms just breaks PA completely in terms of audio playback. Clearing the app data fixes this, though. @maxmp
  2. I still don't have any Hi-Res output on Axon 7 (AEX 5.5 + Ainur Sauron) nor do I have any wired headphone option in the OpenSL HD section. Music doesn't play at all as well after messing with the output settings. I've got some screen shots of what it looks like when I play music and the missing settings.
  3. Jeez... All these numbers and technical mumbo jumbo. Not that I don't appreciate numbers (I do), but it gets to a point where the magic of audio is lost. Because one guy thinks he can hear that 372khz sin wave working its magic to make a sawtooth wave sound amazing. Everyone's ears are different. If you think you hear a difference, cool beans, but don't get all salty if someone else cant hear it. The only time anyone has to worry about numbers is when they're mastering or engineering an audio track or sound. Those guys are the ones who have to worry about resolution and bit depth. It's like shooting 4K, 10 bit, 4:2:2 with a V-log profile at 300mbps. They need all the info they can have to mess around and come up with the final look of the video. In the end, the end user is watching a 1080p, 40-50mpbs video. Sure quality matters, but in the "arts" perspective, it's also the arrangement of the music. I still listen to and enjoy the hell out of a song I have that's rendered at 32khz, 96kbps (got it off some download site years and years ago) Sure it sounds shit, but I still enjoy it because the music itself is awesome. I'd find a higher quality version of it if I had the time, but I'm not talking about the technicalities in this particular paragraph. I'm talking about the art. The pure essence of music. And that's what really matters. Dang. Now I have to say something Poweramp related... Uh.... Keep up the good work, Max! Can't wait to see and listen to the new version.
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