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  1. Is it possible to have a feature with witch we can see complete audio spectrum of a file in player like one we can see using spek?, Will be a unique feature. An option of this in info tab would be grt.
  2. Try to explain a bit like how to recreate this issue or when it did happened. May b u need to Re-scan media library. Thanks
  3. Files are in proper format, system music player and others can read their tags, Infact I deleted my old album and refreshed media library, now pamp shows tags property(of new album). To verifiy I also tried to swap album with old one, now old album(whose tags were ok) is shown in unknown list(as pamp not reading tags properly). U were right about moving album to unknown area, but still one have to make sure pamp doesn't have any data of previous album(rescanning doesn't help to see tags). Thanks
  4. Bug Found: In case u have 2 same albums with same tags, pamp fails to show tags of other for eg : like I have 2 albums one normal and other Hi res of same album and both of them have same tags, instead of showing both pamp shows 1 and another without tags. Thanks
  5. Seems like this is a bug, @Andre let max know about this.. Thanks
  6. I'm facing this issue that my earphone's button presses are not responded by Poweramp. i e my earphone's buttons r not working in Poweramp until and unless I explicitly open the app and press buttons with screen on after that they r working. I'm using lineageOS 15 nightly android 8.1, anyone facing the same issue?
  7. Use latest beta from play store build 709, and in case u have a rooted device, u can verify if high res works or not using this command in terminal su dumpsys media.audio_flinger And look for direct flag,but in moto g5s difference should be noticeable. Also I use redmi note 4 with same snapdragon 625.
  8. Hi Res works on oreo, I use android 8.1 LineageOS, and it works perfectly well.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I understand, well may b in future.
  10. It would be great to add bit perfect mode to app as many other hi res players have this feature. Also this mode will include no extra processing and plays file in its native sample rate. Thanks
  11. 100% exactly, but audio is rendered only if HRA is enabled(and when it's done atleast for me output is grt) and I never said enabling HRA magically produce higher quality audio not atleast u have hi res files, ?? grt bro u really know this stuff it's good to ve people with real knowledge in forum.. Nice to talk to u. Cheers
  12. That's what I'm trying to explain ??, btw nice pairs?, Also there r no file issues, I mostly use itunes m4a and flacs.
  13. If u use a device with snapdragon 600 or above, It have Internal hi fi dac and hi res support 24 bit 192 Khz on 600 series, and up to 32 bit on 800+ series i guess, can't say anything about 400 series.
  14. Bro I wanna let you know that I ve enough knowledge of hi res on which I can decide whether to use hi res or not.., as I said for me all that matters is noise. And about my awful audio resampler in my device ? well can't say no to that.. But same problem persists with all my past devices.U use usb dac I don't. For me internal hi fi dac matters. I used moto g5 plus earlier nd now redmi note 4, both have same problem,And YES it's Bypassing native awful resampler(but I still wonder it's resampler that is awful or audio Api). When hi res is enabled it uses direct mode to play audio which forces to use internal hi fi dac whose audio output is much superior as compared to normal audio track or opensl es api, that is what I want!! Just in case u wonder I use sennheiser cx 275s (not for audiophile ofcourse cuz it's frequency response is 17-23000 Hz, ??, even sampling rate of 48KHz(~24KHz preserved) is more than what my earphones can handle. And sorry if my words earlier confused you, as I said earlier I don't have words to explain but I know about it. Cheers
  15. I know what u r trying to say, I also know all about dynamic range. Some times there are things u know but u don't ve correct words to explain that's what is happening with me now ;p. Bro as far as my ears r concerned I can hear noise floor cuz I mainly listen to music @ 3-4 volume lvl and btw u said dynamic rage, it's basically signal to noise ratio, more dynamic rage means low noise hence Hi Res support.. And just to be clear I meant to say that OpenSL audio (android default) is very poor.. Can't go into details but if enabling Hi res is giving me what I want, I mean I can literally feel the difference then y say no to Hi Res for my flac files? ?
  16. Pcm24 decoder is very superior. It reduces static noise drastically so that is why I want Hi Res to work, and yes my ears are developed enough that they can hear static very clearly and unlike many others that noise annoys me too much that it ruins the joy listening music... Rest u can guess, I'll rather pay than to hear that noise....
  17. It seems there was problem in my firmware itself, that's y hi res on neutron was not working...well now neuton is using pcm24 as its playback hal,at last sound that pleases my ears, finally I have an alternative of Poweramp,I really wish max releases new update, I'll miss Poweramp's powerful bass but for now it's uninstalled..
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