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  1. Tried but did not solve the problem. On Oreo, OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output mentioned variant as 'Samsung UHQA', now it mentions variant as 'USB DAC/BT only'. My build number is G960FXXU2CRLO.
  2. Yes. Can confirm volume through wired output is lower than it was on Oreo. And OpenSL ES Hi-Res not working for wired out anymore. Thought I was alone
  3. PA v3-build-816-play on Galaxy S9 Exynos. Updated to Pie stable today, and I cannot enable OpenSL ES Hi-Res for my headphones now. This was working fine when on Oreo. Help please @maxmp
  4. Not only that, today I realized whenever you delete a song that is playing in the queue, the tracks re-shuffle and the queue begins from number 1. Go to Settings and turn on the counter to see this issue @maxmp@andrewilley
  5. @maxmpWhen I shuffle all songs(All Songs > Shuffle All), each time I stop the player and restart it, the songs are shuffled again. So, lots of songs in the queue are repeated. This was not the case in v2. Please check.
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