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  1. Tried but did not solve the problem. On Oreo, OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output mentioned variant as 'Samsung UHQA', now it mentions variant as 'USB DAC/BT only'. My build number is G960FXXU2CRLO.
  2. Yes. Can confirm volume through wired output is lower than it was on Oreo. And OpenSL ES Hi-Res not working for wired out anymore. Thought I was alone
  3. PA v3-build-816-play on Galaxy S9 Exynos. Updated to Pie stable today, and I cannot enable OpenSL ES Hi-Res for my headphones now. This was working fine when on Oreo. Help please @maxmp
  4. Not only that, today I realized whenever you delete a song that is playing in the queue, the tracks re-shuffle and the queue begins from number 1. Go to Settings and turn on the counter to see this issue @maxmp@andrewilley
  5. @maxmpWhen I shuffle all songs(All Songs > Shuffle All), each time I stop the player and restart it, the songs are shuffled again. So, lots of songs in the queue are repeated. This was not the case in v2. Please check.
  6. The Library button(2x2 grid) works from the Now Playing screen. However, once in the library, when scrolling through the All Songs list, the button does not work and the song in the list in the background gets selected instead.
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