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  1. If the adapter output is to a 3.5mm jack, the signal is not digital, but already converted to analogue. Could you show us a screenshot of Hiby player interface that identifies the adapter as a DAC? Thanks.
  2. I did some research yesterday. It seems like different manufacturers have different type of USB-C to sound (analogue or digital). Some phones can only output digital signals which will need an active adapter (with DAC) or active headphones (with DAC; USB-C) to translate digital inputs. But some phones are able to put passive (analogue) signals directly to the USB-C which will only require a passive adapter to patched the analogue sound signals to the 3.5mm jack. Nothing was mentioned about how XiaoMI implemented this. https://www.androidauthority.com/usb-audio-class-android-893412/
  3. Ok. Not sure if this can help: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woodslink.android.wiredheadphoneroutingfix Taken from: https://forum.xda-developers.com/u11/accessories/usb-c-to-3-5-mm-adapter-htc-u11-t3622225/page2 It allows you to specify what the adapter will function as.
  4. Does the adapter works as USB DAC in other players? For example default music player that comes with your mobile phone.
  5. 1. Yes. 2. No issues experienced. Note 5 with qc35.
  6. I do use Bose qc35 with Poweramp. No problem experienced with sound. In fact it got better.
  7. Rather than issuing a 'score' for the song, a simple 'like' and 'dislike' works better for me since all the music that has made it into my phone would have already gone through an audit on my PC first.
  8. @Hanz'Oop You are right. The sound engine of Poweramp is the main feature that I continue to use it. With v3, it got even better. I felt that with the improved sound engine, users would be happy with Poweramp because that it the single biggest upgrade to the app. However, all the dissing with the UI sounds really unfair to Max which he has slogged hard for the past 3 months. Glad to see fellow user appreciate what Max is doing for the community.
  9. Try the app with portable USB Dac paired with at least, an m50x as the cheapest option
  10. I have read somewhere that a skin-maker is able to make elements on the UI to be hidden or not. I do not feel that the current beta release is radical.
  11. When the final version is completed, it will be released. I paid only once and v3 is essentially a free upgrade for me, therefore I am not going to demand things like ETA or certain customization features just to suit myself along with the selected few. By the amount of demands heard on the forums, Max should really start charging money in order to upgrade to v4. A lot of people seemed to have forgotten that they are getting a free upgrade to Poweramp v3. An app and it's UI, is based on the vision of a developer on how he envisions it, while taking comments into consideration. In my opinion, when an upgrade is free, it is self-entitled to demand anything. Besides, Max has given the skin makers ability to skin the app UI as their creativity allows them to be. If one cannot live with the current UI, they can wait for a skin that suits them.
  12. I tried the search feature and couldn't find 1 of the songs in my collection by it's title. What I did to get it working was to press the search icon, key in a song title, pressed list options and select "all songs" option and it worked. I am guessing that the defaults only search through albums, artist names etc, hence searching by title didn't list the song that I was looking for.
  13. I encountered a small problem with USB DACs playback. During playback, there will be some sound distortions as if the buffer length is not enough. Tested with both q1 and idsd black label. Both exhibit the same problem.Cleared the RAM and tested again with the same problem. Is it due to the buffer size which is maxed out at 100? anyone having the same problems? I'm on Android 6.0.1. Note 5. Thanks.
  14. Hi, could you provide the name of the track that you are experiencing problem with? I have a q1 and could test it with my note 5. During USB DAC testing with q1, I did not experienced any crackling sounds. But I can test it again for you.
  15. Also try increasing the sound volume (Poweramp) on your phone once q1 is plugged in. For q1, I used 50 to 60. For idsd bl, i used 73. Volume scale is set to 100% in Poweramp settings.
  16. Poweramp has always been a music player that plays back sound files in formats that it support, to the best quality. That's what it does best. With the inclusion of USB DAC and hi-res support, it is better than ever. All those qualities that defines Poweramp shouldn't be forgotten. I do agree that the ergonomics of the player could be improved. If the menu items placement is still clunky and cannot be reached with 1 hand operating the phone, what can materials design do for the end user other than being visually appealing but yet, functions are still clunky? As music player, Poweramp has done a very good job because it is not a batch meta editing application. That editing functionality is placed there as a way for the user to do minor editing in case they missed 1 or 2 files. It definitely isn't placed there to for bulk editing on the go. Max has done a very fine job with Poweramp. But instead of doing many jobs at mediocre quality, I would like to see Max to concentrate on sound quality and ergonomics of the user interface. Eye candy like material design is nothing if the underlying functionality is clunky.
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