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  1. Actually, nothing in this world could satisfy everyone. Money is at where the majority is. Therefore, I do not blame Max for satisfying the majority first, then maybe part of minority. Then, it will come down to options. Does Max wants to add a huge number of options that will allow Savvy users to customize their app? Will all these added options overwhelmed other less savvy users by the huge amount of options? How to design a GUI that will allow users to customize their player's UI easily instead of going through the traditional menu? How will Max design a startup screen telling Poweramp users the functions of various buttons in the full version? How will Max code all this into his player without making the app bloated to do what is designed to do? How about time required? Is the majority of the users going to need this intricate level of customization? Only Max himself could answer these questions. You and I cannot do this because we lack of the empirical data to decide what is best for the majority. The current UI is not perfect for me, but I can adapt and ignore the parts until Max would like to improve the UI further and not burden Max with further problems. This is also called being considerate to others which many could learn.
  2. If the adapter output is to a 3.5mm jack, the signal is not digital, but already converted to analogue. Could you show us a screenshot of Hiby player interface that identifies the adapter as a DAC? Thanks.
  3. I did some research yesterday. It seems like different manufacturers have different type of USB-C to sound (analogue or digital). Some phones can only output digital signals which will need an active adapter (with DAC) or active headphones (with DAC; USB-C) to translate digital inputs. But some phones are able to put passive (analogue) signals directly to the USB-C which will only require a passive adapter to patched the analogue sound signals to the 3.5mm jack. Nothing was mentioned about how XiaoMI implemented this. https://www.androidauthority.com/usb-audio-class-android-893412/
  4. When you are describing people as sheeps and tell them to STFU and get 'F', do you think you are in the right? You are even behaving worse than anyone telling you to STFU. A lot of users of this forums agreed that suggestions should be made respectfully. Respectfully. WHat have you been doing? You are behaving like a child whose toys were taken away, telling other people to STFU, sheeps, get 'F' and get out of this forums. Are you the moderator for this forum? People are telling you to STFU due to your childish behavior and insults on other so-called 'ignorant' forums users. As a matter of fact, 'Should' the word itself is strong, indicating that you think that your suggestions are the only way to design the Interface. It is as if you are telling Max what to do with his app. "Maybe the buttons could be the same size and the triple >>> buttons could be removed because I am not really sure what their function is about except to jump out of the 'queue' ." My sentence sounds much more like a suggestion instead of a order to Max. Didn't teachers teach you that in school? How about being diplomatic in your words and speech? You do sound like someone who always thinks their own way is the only correct way to do things. Now are we clear why people are telling you to STFU? Again, to address your post below, everyone would like to have reasonable amount of options when the developer incorporates it into the UI. But Max hadn't asked for it yet because he is busy. We sure do not need an arrogant and self-entitled person to order Max to make the UI according to 'vjer's' vision and logic. All the insults you are hurling sure makes you look like a 'real' man. Go on.
  5. I will do you one better. Since he thinks it's easy to code Poweramp, he should really code his own player and design his own UI. In that way, he will get the perfect music player for playing his entire16 bit 44.1khz collection. I wonder if he will need more than 3 months for his endeavor though. hahahaha
  6. Ok. Not sure if this can help: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woodslink.android.wiredheadphoneroutingfix Taken from: https://forum.xda-developers.com/u11/accessories/usb-c-to-3-5-mm-adapter-htc-u11-t3622225/page2 It allows you to specify what the adapter will function as.
  7. Does the adapter works as USB DAC in other players? For example default music player that comes with your mobile phone.
  8. 1. Yes. 2. No issues experienced. Note 5 with qc35.
  9. I do use Bose qc35 with Poweramp. No problem experienced with sound. In fact it got better.
  10. I am not a new user either. I can adapt to the new UI.
  11. Same. MDR-z1r with ifi micro dsd black label. ?
  12. Wow. Now I am a sheep? I did not voice up my suggestions because Max hadn't asked for it. When he does, I will be sure to mention my suggestions. Seriously. Using the 'F' word? How childish can you get? hahahahaha
  13. This is where your arrogance and self-entitlement shows. Not everyone in this world thinks and functions like you do. Anyone who has a deferring opinion to yours is not a "drug-addled individual" nor are they simpletons. WHy do you feel the need to throw so many insults? Does it makes you look more scary? I come from a forums with people even worse than you. You do not faze me. You can continue to throw insults my way to make yourself look like a 'real' man. FYI, I did not mentioned that I liked everything about the UI. It's time you learn comprehension.
  14. How wrong you are. Assumptions again? I am being rigid? I was flexible enough to adapt to the changes brought on by 793. Nowhere in these forums have you seen me pissing and moaning like you. seriously? how arrogant and self-entitled can you get?
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