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  1. Imo, the most critical feature Poweramp should include (or rather fix) to become the Foobar2000 of Android is a fully functional external USB DAC support. This issue still bugs me hard as I now use my USB DAC everytime for listening sessions, indoor and outdoor, meaning Poweramp only serves me for checking ReplayGain values and recently added files (and I would want to do much more from it) :
  2. I think it's Android as a whole. Support for external audio DACs is still pretty much ghetto. The only app that I've bothered trying (Google Play Music, Poweramp, Hiby music) that could bypass Android completely and without too much trouble is USB Audio Player Pro, that is another paid app. But that app doesn't have the convenience of Poweramp features. I was quite happy seeing external DAC support coming for v3.0, it does need to get fixed though. And probably when it's fixed and bit perfect playback is added, it'd be the closest for being the ultimate Android music player, for me a
  3. Got an answer. It seems the issue comes from the fact that the DAC doesn't completely bypass Android. From my understanding, Android outputs audio to the DAC, which then outputs audio to my headphones. USB APP indicates whether the DAC or Android is rendering audio. It's Android with the issue I just discribed above. And the DAC when everything works fine, naturally. I assume this is what is messing up Poweramp DAC support as well.
  4. I have some new element on the issue, and it's particularly weird. I doesn't only concern Poweramp anymore. Recently, I've been using USB Audio Player Pro with my FiiO Q1 a lot. When it is not currently running, if I switch on my DAC, the app detects it and an Android pop-up asks me of I want to open the app (w/ the option of making this a default action whenever the DAC is detected, which I leave unchecked so I can use the DAC for other apps, cause USB APP monopolizes it when in use), and everything just works perfectly. Now, if for some reason I decide to switch off the D
  5. Hi, Sorry for taking so long to respond, I didn't notice your post. I use mp3tag for everything.
  6. In addition : No issue with USB Audio Player PRO in Bit perfect mode either. Just to let you know, I love Poweramp as a player, I find it really convenient on a lot of aspect, and that's the player I'd want to use daily. I'm happy that external DACs support is on its way, it just has to work properly. PS : Please consider a bit perfect mode.
  7. Hello, I'm currently using a FiiO Q1 USB DAC with my Moto G 3rd gen (Android 6.0.1) and I've been experiencing some cracking on some files I have, mostly flac, with Poweramp alpha-build-703-play. This happens with both the AudioTrack Output and Hi-Res Output. OpenSL ES Output seems fine, but volume output is way lower and it's limited to 16bits/48kHz, so why bother... It doesn't matter if the built-in DSP is on or off. When it happens, the crackling is repeated for a certain period of time depending on the track, it isn't really obvious when playing the track, but when there's l
  8. Hello, I wanted to report this issue that bugged and still bugs me quite a bit since 2.0.6 (and probably previous builds) as a paid version user, and sadly it has worsen with the alpha builds. I'm currently running on : Alpha build 703 (Full Version), Moto G 3rd Gen, Android 6.0.1 Here's the issue : In the different Library lists and Folders lists, albums that have a rectangular cover art have their cover arts displayed stretched out vertically or horizontally to fit in a more standard square ratio, distorting them quite badly. Since the alpha build for version 3.
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