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  1. I ran into a volume control issue with Bluetooth when settings, advanced tweaks, volume level any value different than the system default.
  2. Looks like the volume jump to zero issue was solved! Thank you
  3. Looks like the volume issue is back with this update on my device.. Volume jumps to zero when trying adjusts (up or down) When running 1st time.
  4. I tried to follow up battery usage on my device and found that Poweamp is almost in the top of this list even when not in use for a while (almost a day).. S8 android 9
  5. I double check and found this to happen on my device when volume levels was set to 30. Setting this back to system default solve this issue. Test a few times and any level other than system default will create this issue.
  6. Same here with any device - Bluetooth, pl internal speaker etc. Start after last update to 823 My device- Galaxy S8 with android 9 (stock)
  7. Same issue with my device Get extremely hot during 2 flights Stop Poweramp via the close program menu and run again seems to fix this temporarily
  8. I double check After starting the application touching volume up or down will zero the volume level, with any type of connection (including the international speaker) Definitely a new issue
  9. I have a funny issue Volume up will bring the volume to 0 1st. Than start to increase. This only after opening for the Poweramp for 1st time. Galaxy 8 with android 9 Thank you
  10. Using google voice command "play Poweramp" turns off the shuffle S8 stock rom
  11. During play a playlist with "shuffle songs" option on, Poweramp start to play a different playlist. I cannot reproduce, but happen a few times.
  12. New issue on my device for this version On car Bluetooth Poweramp will start to play on internal speaker. Simple fix - to dial somebody.. Device- Galaxy S8 with stock OS
  13. Not sure I understand how play option works... I am simply trying to randomly play songs from a playlist. My impression, some songs play over and over when others are ignored Can someone help? Thanks
  14. Ran into a problems with 792 1st. After a few hours the random stop working and start to play according to folder order. 2nd at about the same time tags, album covers and tracks stop to match. It plays one track show cover of another and when I go into tags shows something completely different.. Other than that it's a great improvement over the older version Kob
  15. I find the new UI very useful, easy, and accessible. Love the ease of use and direct access
  16. My experience with the 704 version shows it do repeat the same song over more than 2 times. I tried to run out of play lists and queue, I am probably doing something wrong Just installed the new ver. 792 beta (looks like a huge UI improvement) and will keep trying
  17. After installing, removing and re-installing the new version starts to run on my S8. My humble opinion The new HMI is simple and straightforward but a little too "touchy" for my fat fingers. Hovering over the display can accidentally open screen/features with no easy way to revert. This makes using the player while driving a challenge.. As on the beta version, the sound quality is above my ear skills. No complaints Hope that the list option will be back soon. That's the biggest feature I am missing. All together the new design impressive and promising.
  18. I stumbled on the same issue. Ver. 704 About 1600 songs Shuffle set to all songs
  19. Selecting a few folders and then send them all to a playlist can save time and errors
  20. Thank you for your knowledgeable and detailed answer
  21. So I need a 3rd party tagging software to enjoy volume normalization?
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