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  1. After installing, removing and re-installing the new version starts to run on my S8. My humble opinion The new HMI is simple and straightforward but a little too "touchy" for my fat fingers. Hovering over the display can accidentally open screen/features with no easy way to revert. This makes using the player while driving a challenge.. As on the beta version, the sound quality is above my ear skills. No complaints Hope that the list option will be back soon. That's the biggest feature I am missing. All together the new design impressive and promising.
  2. 100% agree with ewokuk! I am also using the basic interface.
  3. I stumbled on the same issue. Ver. 704 About 1600 songs Shuffle set to all songs
  4. Selecting a few folders and then send them all to a playlist can save time and errors
  5. Thank you for your knowledgeable and detailed answer
  6. So I need a 3rd party tagging software to enjoy volume normalization?