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  1. I have been wondering if casting to DLNA renderers will eventually become a reality. I personally like Kodi so much and I have set up a small HTPC between my TV and my Hi-Fi system. I would love to cast my local songs to that system, and I am quite disappointed that now Poweramp can cast to Chromecast devices but not DLNA ones.
  2. @clever_man any news about the next version? I am looking forward to having it on my phone :v
  3. @clever_man cool. Btw do you have any plans to make this app open source?
  4. @clever_man what about using the Palette UI to colorize the default media notification? https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Notification.MediaStyle.html
  5. Thanks for this @clever_man, however there's no cover art on lockscreen anymore and it would be nice to have it; also, what about custom background/foreground colours based on cover art?
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