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  1. I dug through the kernel configuration sources and apparently the Qcom SD Aqstic is WCD9335 compatible. Here's the audio_policy.conf. "compress_offload" should be the transport for this phone. audio_policy.conf
  2. HTC 10. Snapdragon 820 24bit 192kHz with Snapdragon Aqstic codec. Android 7.0 with HTC Sense 8.0. FW version 2.41.401.3. (Going through the kernel sources available at http://www.htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads I found it uses the WM8775 or some variant of it. But that contradicts Qualcomm's claims. This device seems tricky on the audio part). Using alpha-703 with DVC disabled results in 48Khz playback, but it uses the dedicated audio codec. With DVC enabled it falls back to the on SoC WCD9330/5 with WSA881x. I'll dig into the sources and see if I can find any configuration that indicates the correct output chip. Hopefully this gets implemented until beta.
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