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  1. AOSP roms for HTC10 have all the needed magic to use the dedicated DAC (what do you know it exposes the same interface as the Snapdragon integrated one only has different hardware) and DSP (you can check Lineage OS sources). It's just that Poweramp doesn't use any of that. I have HTC 10 on stock Android 7 and Poweramp is one of the few players that doesn't output HiRes (at least not proper HiRes). I tried all v3 versions and found that: - HiRes Experimental: outputs HiRes but always resamples everything to the selected sample rate. Causes some 1.8 seconds of latency. -OpenSL (both normal and HD): same as above, always resamples to target. -AudioTrack: Works well but resamples to 48KHz. With other players using AudioTrack logcat shows info about the native Android decoder handling all sample rates up to 192KHz and all bit depths up to 24bit. So this is an issue with Poweramp using a custom audio decoder. Modern Android doesn't need this anymore since the integrated MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer do a great job at offloading audio decoding to DSP units. Btw using Poweramp drains the battery really fast (~10% for an hour of playback). I'll do some screenshots of how the logcat looks like when playing audio later.
  2. Actually version 704 works well but you need to disable DVC and headroom gain. Also enable Dolby effects and disable headphone "beep" effect in Poweramp. Playing any sound to an audio path other than "compress_offload" causes the Hi-Res Output to fail. There seems to be an issue with buffering and delayed DMA transfers when changing tracks, so sometimes the output fails anyway.
  3. I dug through the kernel configuration sources and apparently the Qcom SD Aqstic is WCD9335 compatible. Here's the audio_policy.conf. "compress_offload" should be the transport for this phone. audio_policy.conf
  4. HTC 10. Snapdragon 820 24bit 192kHz with Snapdragon Aqstic codec. Android 7.0 with HTC Sense 8.0. FW version 2.41.401.3. (Going through the kernel sources available at http://www.htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads I found it uses the WM8775 or some variant of it. But that contradicts Qualcomm's claims. This device seems tricky on the audio part). Using alpha-703 with DVC disabled results in 48Khz playback, but it uses the dedicated audio codec. With DVC enabled it falls back to the on SoC WCD9330/5 with WSA881x. I'll dig into the sources and see if I can find any configuration that indicates the correct output chip. Hopefully this gets implemented until beta.
  5. Hello, please add plug'and'play support for USB DACs. Currently for my Fiio E17K to work I need to turn off the DAC, stop Poweramp and launch it again, then turn on the DAC. USB audio and ALSA support hotplugging so it shouldn't be an issue. Using build 703.
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