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  1. I really like this skin and should come by default. Plethora of options too. @Andrew0 is it possible to add a greyish background option while browsing folders and stuff outside the playerUI ? I mean the black background is very "contrasty" Something like this: Also is it possible to make folders have a folder icon instead of album art or is it something Max has to code in?
  2. So after downloading for the first time Version 3, I have to say I really like it! I have been using it for a couple of hours and this is what I have to say. The UI is nice, the redesign great, the visualizations are finally here and most important the new Audio Engine. Now a few of my gripes. Most of these are QoL things since I didn't experience any bugs (maybe except one). I organized them so they are easier to read and go from important to less important. (not that they are THAT important) Player 1. I would like an option to disable the swipe left/right for next/prev song (like in the old version). BUT keep it in the miniPlayer (like: 1.Enabled 2.MiniPlayerOnly 3.PlayerOnly 4.Disabled) 2. An option to disable the "tap/pull down on album art to go to folder/playlist". Or at least keep only the "pull down". I have been hitting this by accident waaay more often than I like. Library Browser 3. An Option to disable "swipe left/right for fast return" (yeah I really dislike swiping. I do it by accident ) Visualizations 4. So right now we can select 3 modes (including disabled). A 4th mode where the visualization stays in the background like before it goes "Full Screen" or "Fade Controls" would be great. It looks amazing with very active and colorful visualizations. So maybe something like (1.Disable Visualization 2.Fade Controls 3. FullScreen 4.Background) 5. [Super not important] I don't know if this is even possible but Lockscreen Visualization in the background instead of album art? Playlists 6. It would be great if you could see the duration (in minutes) of a playlist. Right now we can see the number of songs so maybe add also that? That's all. I can't wait to see more themes come to life and see what are the possibilities. Thanks for your patience
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