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  1. do you have any other application responding to media controls? from time to time either apple music or spotify mess with my stuff.
  2. assuming that's even possible, because if there is no disc number in the ID3s you either have to modify the album name or for example add the disc number to the track number (e.g. disc 1 track one becomes 101 track 2 is 102 and disc 2 track 1 is 201 and so on)
  3. this is actually also the problem when list+path sort, see the other thread. even thout the parent folder comes first, when you go through it via the player it is somewhere else. the thing that would make most sense would be to fix path sorting and then force it for hierarchy. but then again a certain kind of folder sorting inside the hierarchy might also be possible, for example by date or reversed name or whatever but keeping the hierarchy.
  4. I know, but that's not the point. the problem is that when you are in hierarchy mode, even though the player still uses the folder sorting, you cannot change that setting without switching to list or grid.
  5. but the problem is that you cannot access the setting for that in hierarchy mode without having to switch to list or grid. what would make most sense would be to enforce path sorting in hierarchy.
  6. well as long as you dont have tracks in a parent folder it is like the list. the problem is as soon as you do have folders in the parent view the player behaves like the list in post one.
  7. sort by path go into hierarchy and swich through the folders via the "next list" button. repeat with sort by name + hierarchy and notice the difference. I dont really have a cam ready to take a video
  8. in the list, but the player is affected by the sorting option. THAT is the problem
  9. yeah in the list. and since this doesnt list the actual files but only an entry "parent folder", it does make sense. but the problem is that the player (not the list) gets the path sort wrong.
  10. well let's cut it short. I havent checked this on stable yet, so it might be that it's also there. when you are in list or grid mode you can set the folder sorting to "name", "path" (which is bugged btw) or "added at". when you are in hierarchy mode you wont have that option anymore, you only get file sorting, which is particularly annoying when you want to change it that you have to go back to list change it and go back into hierarchy mode. but the worst thing is that even though it might look weird from many perspectives is that the player respects the folder sorting order even in hierarchy mode which makes this even weirder.
  11. well I have experiencing this quite a while and well it also happens to be in the alpha so I decided to report this. there is something weird in the path sorting when you go next/previous "list" (in this case folder) because the list may put the files at the end but it seems that the player itself doesnt think so. let's say my base folder is /storage/extsd/music then I can switch through like this. /storage/extsd/music/a /storage/extsd/music/ b ... /storage/extsd/music/m /storage/extsd/music -> all the tracks in the parent folder /storage/extsd/music/n /storage/extsd/music/o ... it is pretty weird that the parent folder's music lies somewhere in between the subfolders. This occurs both in hierarchy and list mode, although in list mode the parent folder (with its tracks) is at the top and in hierarchy mode the tracks are at the bottom.
  12. I can see them properly on my Note 4 and Note 4 and note edge as basically the same iirc. the text could be larger though
  13. maybe the system also didnt install the app properly like it got thrown into some cache and then got wiped, but it seriously is weird. especially when your phone isnt rooted. I dunno whether it occurs without confirmation but another way of throwing apps into oblivion would be adb which obviously requires dev mode enabled, a computer that is connected with the phone and ever since 4.2 an on device confirmation to authorise the computer.
  14. Well the queue itself should imo not be seen as a list and the only thibg affecting that should be set after you get into it with default modes next list and no random.
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