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  1. weird enough, the only thing I am so far aware of is the write perms are missing, but sure I can try.
  2. exactly that's how know Poweramp basically since I had it. but an uninstall didnt help
  3. most of my tracks are tagged in some way but I honestly dont care about the tags as I usually run by the folder hierarchy but even THAT is empty (as indicated in the screenshot) and on my earlier phone (Galaxy Note 4 on Android 5, was a while ago), everything worked nicely. for the rescan apparently for some reason while I am in the menu there seems to be no indication of ever stopping even after the folder/file count doesnt increase anymore, if I leave the menu it basically just shows 0 titles, 0 folders, 4 playlists, which is plain weird.
  4. okay interesting, as the scanner kinda half-works, it finds the tracks but for some reason cannot categorize them into where they belong are there logs I can send?
  5. The app is iirc not on sd but the music is. Sorry for having used confusing wording. Also these tracks are part of a soundtrack, so no problem with those. Does Poweramp for some reason need write access to the music folders? As extra users for some reason can't get that.
  6. For some reason most lists (aside from maybe all titles or recently added) are empty, which kinda sux as it's kinda hard getting to the titles you want, when you pass a few thousand and only have a list. Phone:xperia xa2 Android ver: 9 Rom: standard, no root no nothing. The only thing that may be of note is that i am on it as a secondary user running off my microsd.
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